Why do people argue that Smash Bros isn't a fighting game?

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User Info: room temperature

room temperature
3 years ago#121
HermeticJustice posted...
room temperature posted...
RavagedSanctity posted...
Christ, people, there's nothing wrong with a game being a party game.

Smash Bros. is a party game. And that's totally okay, because it's the best party game out there.

Christ, people, there's nothing wrong with a game being a fighting game.

Smash Bros. is a fighting game. And that's totally okay, because it doesn't take away from other fighting games if games in a genre have alot of variety

Christ, people, there's nothing wrong with a game being a mascot fighter

Smash Bros. is a mascot fighter. And that's totally okay, because it has a bunch of cool Nintendo characters and items

And what's the key word there... fighter.
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User Info: donkeyjack

3 years ago#122
It's not a party game though. A party game is like Mario Party and Guitar Hero.
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User Info: gamezero6

3 years ago#123
SMASH is a Fighting game but, its in the Brawler/Party Fighter subgenre like many others.
Power Stones
DBZ/GT games
Naruto games
Dissidia FF games
PlayStation AllStar Battle Royale
Gundam games
And So on.

Its a Fighter because of it traditional merits that Noob has pointed out, also its not exactly a Fighter per sey because of its play mechanics and functions. Mario Kart is still a racing game just not a sim racer.

I look forward to SMASH 3DS and maybe Wii U version? I haven't played SMASH since Melee with my nephew we both look forward to it and its coming out a few days before his BDay.

Also a couple non Fighters have been to EVO, Mario Kart being one, so that EVO argument is null and void.

Sakurai has stated SMASH isn't a Fighter, I take he meant in a traditional way?

SMASH is a Fighter, just not your typical Fighter, which I guess is why many Love/Loathe it.
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User Info: wiiking96

3 years ago#124
Games should be defined by what they have the capacity to amount to. Since Smash Bros. has the option of 1 vs 1 matches with random elements turned off and fairly unobtrusive stages, it should count as being, at least partially, a fighting game. That doesn't mean it also can't function as a party game, but then again, so can CoD or any other local multiplayer game, really. "Party" is also an official genre, but that refers to games with the concept of being dynamic board game interspersed with a variety of minigames, something that Mario Party popularized.

TLDR; SSB == "Potential Fighting Game" && SSB == "Potential Unofficial Party Game";
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User Info: Opethian5

3 years ago#125
TwistedMaestro posted...
manmouse posted...
TwistedMaestro posted...
At it's core, it's a party game. It only became a fighting game because there was an extreme lack of fighting games on the gamecube, so the nintendo community decided to turn it into a competitive fighting game using it's gameplay mechanics. That's why you never see smash players play other competitive fighting games that actually require skill and do well at major tournies.

if the other games require skill but Smash doesn't, then how come we don't see other fighting game players picking up a controller for Smash at tournies and knocking out all the Smash players?
your post stinks of a pathetic, insecure elitism based on something you actually don't know anything about.

You really think other competitive players would want to pick up that wonky controller and adapting to playing on that piece of crap? Also, there's a reason why Japanese fighting game players don't take it seriously either. It's a silly fighting game, with really bland fighting game mechanics. It is incredibly niche.

If we are looking at the game mechanics then I think its not even a question that melee is the fastest and most technical fighting game of all time easily, especially when you consider that it is stretched out over the course of an entire match rather than just in specific instances.
The executional requirement at a high level is extremely high and can go up to about 250 APM at the highest (actions per minute)

Saying Melee doesnt require skill to play sounds extremely stupid imo.

User Info: strongo9

3 years ago#126
SSBM was the second most watched game tournament at EVO 2014. It is most definitely a fighting game. Appealing to both casual gamers and competitive gamers does not discredit it as a fighter. Anything can be played in a part manner.
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User Info: brentendo3

3 years ago#127
The answer is both... This is just like the Metroid FPS debate. Smash is literally a fighting game but it doesn't conform to traditional fighting genre gameplay. Metroid Prime is literally a FPS, but it doesn't conform the typical FPS gameplay.

User Info: VSTopicFanatic

3 years ago#128
it is a fighting game

User Info: n00bsaib0t

3 years ago#129
Iokua posted...
n00bsaib0t posted...
Bahamut_10th posted...
Because the game has hazardous items and stages on top of fighters. It also isn't about reducing your opponent's life meter. The special moves are made to be easily performed instead of requiring different combinations of buttons.
And it's also not combo-friendly at all, no matter what Melee fanboys think.

So it's a combination of Injustice, Dead Or Alive, Mortal Kombat, Power Stone, and Soulcalibur?

And it's some how not a fighting game?

Power Stone isn't a fighter either, it's a party game, and Smash bears no similarities to DoA, Injustice, MK or SC.
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Environments, Supers, ring outs, items?

Before Smash had items you could pick up rocks and skulls and hurl them at your opponent in Mortal Kombat 4.

Before Smash had interactive environments you could be knocked through environments in DOA. Actual interaction was such a good idea it was used in Injustice.

Before Smash let you knock your opponent off the stage to win, Virtua Fighter and Soul Edge (the first Soulcalibur title) had ring out victories.

Before the Final Smash, Art of Fighting had Desperation Moves, Street Fighter had Super Combos.

The way Smash handles corner juggles was such a good idea that they damn near copied it exactly in Tekken.

And how is Power Stone not a fighter? People keep saying it but no one ever has a reason. It's a fighter for the same reason all these other games are. Supers, items, environments, fighting, etc.
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User Info: Jaricko

3 years ago#130
Smash is like Pikmin and Mario kart. They technically count toward a respective genre without actually playing anything like their genre.

Mario kart plays nothing like a traditional racing game ( this one really should have its own genre though as there have been mario kart copy cats )

Pikmin which is considered an RTS plays nothing like starcraft, warcraft, empire total war ect.
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