Would you rather have a female Link or Zelda be the protagonist of a Zelda Game

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User Info: DTY3

3 years ago#31
theFAKEsheridan posted...
And Metroids should be the protagonists of Metroid.

You kinda are part Metroid in Fusion.

User Info: SyCo_VeNoM

3 years ago#32
Between the 2 female link as the gender shouldn't matter as they are supposed to be an avatar for the player which is why it asks you to input your name in Zelda games so in all honesty the gender should be selectable as not only guys play the game.
If Zelda was the main character she would be a defined character in the game, and wouldn't serve the same purpose.

User Info: xXDa-KidXx

3 years ago#33
I'm 99% sure most people leave the name as Link or spell it Link. Having the option just wouldn't work in a series that pays close attention to it's canon. Having Zelda playable or Impa (If she's young and a Sheikah) is the best remedy to this situation. But of course there's always going to be stiff necked people who won't even accept that.
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User Info: mokmuud

3 years ago#34
Doesn't it really matter?
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User Info: Dark_Abaddon

3 years ago#35
It would kinda mess with the story (it is subtly implied Link and Zelda are love interests)... Now, I'd say that they could just make Zelda a guy to counter-balance this, but that wouldn't work because Zelda is the goddess Hylia... if they found a good way to pull off Link being female in the story (maybe different stories for either gendered Link), then I wouldn't really care.

That said, I'd just rather play as Zelda anyway lol.
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User Info: importvita

3 years ago#36
Jacob46719 posted...
Illuminoius posted...
a female link is good at least for the sake of a change of pace, but apparently changing link's gender is an offensive change (despite all the more dramatic redesigns he's had)

changing link's gender would change the game.

They should make Link a transgender to support the LGBT community.


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User Info: SuperSuarezBros

3 years ago#37
Actually Malon is more heavily implied to be Links love interestIn Twilight Princes ,Link's mom used to sing Malon's song to him as a lullaby when he was a baby as Zelda/Link relationship could never be because of Zelda being the incarnation of the goddes Hylia, a Sage ect.
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User Info: HayashiTakara

3 years ago#38
I'm against gender bending, not only is it disgusting, but insulting to both the character and the creator.

User Info: jillwarren

3 years ago#39
1: Hyrule Warriors is almost completely female.

2: A Windwaker pirate sequel with Tetra would be great.

3: Hyrule Warriors really has me wanting to play a game with Impa as the main character. That sword looks awesome.
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User Info: darkness1018

3 years ago#40
Neither. I'm fine with the series as is.
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