So Sony charges you $50 for a last gen port and nintendo gives it free...

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User Info: DerekRoss

3 years ago#1
with the purchase of the sequel. I know WWHD was a retail game but that was before Bayo free with 2 announcement which is relevant in a world where we judge by "What have you done for me lately?". It's amazing how generous Nintendo is is when compared to every other big name publishers and their practice. Season pass announced before release, preorder dlc bonus, exclusives retailer dlc bonus, online passes, pay to play multiplayer, etc.

Nintendo is really the white knight of gaming. Do you guys agree? I think it is either that and they are ethical or that they are a bit behind everyone else in ways of adapting to the future. Whatever it is I am happy.

User Info: Nice_Kirbyfan9

3 years ago#2
DerekRoss posted...
I know WWHD was a retail game

So this topic is nonsense?
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User Info: Pigfarts

3 years ago#3
yeah you know lets forget about WWHD. Is this a joke topic? Anyways I never played the original TLOU so this is good for me plus you do get all the DLC free.

I actually enjoy more of the HD remakes like silent hill, kingdom hearts etc. And if you are paying full price for any game you are doing it wrong. You gotta get them Gamefly monthly sales.
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User Info: Sonytendo

3 years ago#4
Nice_Kirbyfan9 posted...
DerekRoss posted...
I know WWHD was a retail game

So this topic is nonsense?

Windwaker is two gens ago. He's talking about Bayonetta.

User Info: GollyFluff

3 years ago#5
Nintendo is awesome, I agree. But they aren't knights. A free copy of bayo 1 is being offered so that more people will develop interest in buying bayo 2. All of the promotions that Nintendo has had are not because they are your friend. They want your money.
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User Info: DerekRoss

3 years ago#6
People can't read? I mentioned WWHD.

User Info: NintendoLover25

3 years ago#7
With Bayonetta the reasoning is that the first game was never on a Nintendo system, so the audience isn't there yet and people might not want to jump into a series at a sequel (looking at you Mass Effect 3). Companies make deals all the time to try and increase interest in products, it's logical. I'm not familair with Sony since I only get Nintendo systems, but I'm sure they have their own deals for their fanbase from time to time, it's not a Nintendo centric thing.

Incidentally, I got WWHD for free as well, with Mario Kart 8.

User Info: zado19

3 years ago#8
DerekRoss posted...
People can't read? I mentioned WWHD.

thats the issue
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User Info: gamebuyer22

3 years ago#9
Ya Nintendo really cares so much about you that they overprice VC games, rare sales and when they have sales on E shop they are pathetic, they take too long to drop prices of retail games, and the worst by far is no account system. I never bought a Wiiware game or VC game because of that. Oh and they gave us the Wii and WIi U the last 2 generations. So..

Last of Us has some upgrades(1080p, better textures,all DLC) and it does play at 60 fps 99% of the time. While Bayonetta 1 included is a nice bonus(i own on 360) it doesnt make Nintendo a white knight as you say. All those things you listed, season pass etc are mostly companies like EA,UBI, Activision. Ive never bought one season pass or piece of DLC ever and i own over 70 360 games and over 100 Ps3 games. I always wait for game of the year edition or complete editions.

User Info: fire2box

3 years ago#10
meanwhile on steam we've got Portal, Left 4 Dead 2 and Sniper Elite 2 (V2) for free without buying ANYTHING. On October 18th Payday: The Heist will become free for 24 hours as well.

4 AAA games, for free. All running at 1080p, 60fps to boot.
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