wiiu or ps3?

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User Info: Mandrew257

2 years ago#31
dankeyspaan posted...
hei420 posted...
PS3 has a lot more games id get that.

He owns a 360.

Then Wii U.
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User Info: UltVictory

2 years ago#32
PS3 because Ratchet and Clank.

User Info: dborwege

2 years ago#33
I stopped playing my PS3 once I got a Wii U, If that means anything.

User Info: bigslim816

2 years ago#34
BoomerTheGreat posted...
Sony fanboy CJ in here. InFamous is not a good series so scratch that. A 360 trumps PS3 in everything but JRPGs and that is even debatable.
The WiiU is backwards compatable and The Legend of Zelda is the best in its genre. Splatoon and Devils third are good looking exclusive shooters look them up. Smash bros is also best in its type.

I suggest WiiU highly because 360 is better than PS3. Good fortunes in your search.

Guy complains about a CJ. Then procedes to perform a DP for WiiU and 360.
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User Info: bandit__74

2 years ago#35
TC, since you specifically mentioned Uncharted and Infamous as well as FPS and action, I would say PS3. The Uncharted games are worth the price of admission alone. Also, Killzone and God of War both have collections available for around $30 to sate your desires for FPS and action. You also mentioned Smash, PS3 has Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sony's version of Smash (probably not as good, but i don't really care for either so I'm not the best judge).

The WiiU has a better future than the PS3, but that's kinda like saying someone dying of cancer has a better future than someone dying of a gunshot wound. In my opinion, and it's just that of course, the PS3 has more and better games than the WiiU and better suits the criteria that you identified in the OP.

User Info: Jaime_Benn

2 years ago#36
Honestly, you can find game equivalents on the 360 of Uncharted and Infamous. There is Tomb Raider, Enslaved, and Prototype series. They aren't exclusives though.

User Info: Zetsuei_8823

2 years ago#37
Considering what you like to play, the 360 probably already has you covered.

Getting a PS3 would open you up to the exclusives, and might have some in what you're looking for. I don't delve too much into FPS. Killzone was fun. A big must-get I'm surprised no one mentioned was "The Last of Us". A truly excellent game that lives up to the praise. With the PS3, you have an established library, and has older PS games as well! Definitely recommend if you like any JRPGs (Tales of Xillia was quite fun and I'm looking forward to ToX2!) Ico & Shadow of the Colossus was great, inFamous series, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, God of War... plus if you sub to PS+, you get "free" new games every month, and I hear that Crysis 3 will be free. I might pick that up.

A Wii U would not really give you what you want. You're pretty much locked into Smash, Zelda, Mario (Bros/Kart/World/etc), etc. It's the reason I bought one, because I knew what to expect. A few neat new things that stray from the usual (namely Bayonetta 2, and to an extent Monster Hunter) but I really doubt anything new you couldn't get on the other consoles... though you never know. The Wii U would indeed be a gamble.

Personally, I'd wait or spring for an Xbox One or a PS4. Their libraries are sure to contain lots of what you want, but it will take time. A big game for these two will be "Destiny". Comes out early Sept, FPS action-adventure. Extra goodies for PS4 players. I hope you got to try the beta on your 360, as it was pretty fun.
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