Wii u owners: do you also game on pc?

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User Info: CoolFangs

3 years ago#61
Yes, I am primarily a PC gamer. I get consoles only for exclusives that I'm interested in. Owning all of the current gen consoles I can say the Wii U is the only one worth getting at this time.
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User Info: recollectmusic

3 years ago#62
Only Skyrim. I don't really like to play games on PC.
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User Info: KevaSan

3 years ago#63
Wii U and PC is the best combo for me.

User Info: Voxwik

3 years ago#64
It is interesting how gaming has changed for me over the years. My first gaming was on the Atari, Intellivision, and Commodore 64. My siblings (who are quite a bit older than me) owned them. Then I saw the Nintendo at another kid's house and wanted one. The graphics blew me away. So one Christmas I got a Nintendo (and my sister owned one before that too). Then later came the Super Nintendo, which my brother got, and again a few years later I got one as a gift. My brother got the N64, so when I got money from a paper route I got the PlayStation. The PS2 came out the same year I graduated from High School, but I didn't get it until a little bit later, and I got the Gamecube on its launch day. My income situation was not stable for some time between there, so while I had access to the Wii I did not own it, then when the PS3 Slim came out I got that. All mixed in there I played games on computers others owned.

A couple years ago I got my first gaming computer, with a Phenom IIx4 965 and an nVidia GTX 460. Last year I upgraded that to an Intel i5 4670 and GTX 760, easily giving me access to the most powerful gaming machine I've ever owned (relative to what's available at the time).

I had the PS4 pre-ordered but looking at what I already had (a huge library of games not all of which I've played/finished on older systems as well as a fairly powerful PC) I could not justify getting the PS4 so I canceled it. Now I find myself hoping Final Fantasy XV comes to the PC so it's easy for me to avoid the temptation to get another machine I don't need.

Oddly enough I scorned the Wii U when it first came out. I thought (and still think) Nintendo is borderline incompetent when it comes to account infrastructure and hardware decisions. The Mario Kart 8 bundle and the free game deal changed that. For $80 less than the price of the PS4, I got the 'deluxe' Wii U, Mario Kart 8, and Pikmin 3. Despite having plenty of games and access to many more if I want to buy them, that was enough to push me over, especially after Xenoblade localization was confirmed.

This brings it down to the topic at hand here. I love Nintendo as a developer (not so much for its hardware design anymore). I love the Wii U controller used as a supplemental screen for inventory and such, and I like that it doesn't seem like it's being shoehorned into games as much as the Wii controller was. For example the pointer function of the Wii Remote is great but then so many games had to force 'waggle' in where it just wasn't needed. But the bottom line here is that I got the Wii U for Nintendo games, which is the same reason I got the Gamecube (and did not regret it).

This leaves me with several decades of games to choose from, a ton of very cheap fairly recent games to get from Steam or other online game stores, the potential to play older classic console games I passed up or want to revisit. Just with PC I could be happy gaming for several years with what I already have. The things I will miss are things like Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, Kingdom Hearts assuming that's console exclusive, or other games the developers of those games made (Infamous being the only one on PS4 so far). Two of my favorite genres: collectathon platformers and RPGs, get far less attention than in the past.

The single most important factor here is my huge backlog. There are more games coming out combined with past classics I'd want to play or games I own but never got around to yet that I do not have enough time as is to play them all. This means it's very hard to justify a new hardware purchase, and this is why the Wii U + gaming PC works so well for me.

Edit: I left out that I bought the original Xbox for Rare and expecting Banjo-Threeie. Man what a stupid idea that was. I think I'm so bummed about what's become of Rare I just kind of forgot that.

User Info: Midcore

3 years ago#65
I'm more familiar with Nintendo than anything else, but I do also play games on my PC and other platforms. My PC is probably not powerful enough to play most major Western releases at full power, but it's great for indies.
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User Info: Sirk

3 years ago#66
I think the Wii U + PC combo is very logical. I have a gaming PC but I haven't really gotten into gaming quite yet. Still uncertain where to start, honestly.
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User Info: Aurawhisperer

3 years ago#67
Yup. The reason why I'm not owning a PS4/Xbone. I MAY consider getting a Vita, but only Japanese Import. Screw Americas Import
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User Info: TediousMatt

3 years ago#68
Of course I game on PC. It's the platform of choice if you want to play western games.
I buy consoles for the Japanese support. My current gen gaming set up is PC + WiiU + 3DS.
I have a Vita, but it bricked out of warranty (bought it secondhand).
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User Info: Crystal_Dream

3 years ago#69
Only League of Legends, and even then, I'm pretty casual about it, like 5 games a week or so.
I have Counter-Strike: GO as well, but I really don't want to update it.
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User Info: VideoGameXV

3 years ago#70
As I'm going to be a Wii U owner next week I'll say anyway.

I personally have no need for a gaming PC, don't care about power and have always preferred playing on consoles and handhelds, PC has no exclusives I'm interested in and it's missing a lot of the games I'm interested in. For me it's Wii U, PS3 and 3DS.
I'll get a PS4 in the future once more games are out and I may get a PSVita with the amount of JRPG's releasing on it. I may pick an Xbox One up in the future as Scalebound and Sunset Overdrive seem really cool. I may pick up a cheap Xbox 360 again for some of the early JRPG exclusives as well like Tales of Vesperia and Lost Odyssey.
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