What is this board's opinion on Skyward Sword? (possible spoilers)

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User Info: Sable_Knight

3 years ago#71
I thought it looked cool, artstyle. I didn't really like the character design though (faces especially) I was too lazy to ever play it. My brother really liked it. On the other hand he's never played Twilight Princess, and I finished it a few times and liked it. That was 7 or so years ago though. I don't think I'd be able to play Twilight Princess today and sit through it. Who knows. I pretty much only play Smash Bros and a select few games like Xenoblade, Nintendoland (fun with everyone woohoo) now a days.
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User Info: phoenixashes88

3 years ago#72
For me, I didn't think any game would ever take over ALTTP's spot on my favorite game of all time list but then Skyward Sword came out and its now my number 1 favorite game with ALBW taking over my number 2 spot.

I thought it was incredible. So a few months back after beating ALBW for the third time, I put SS back in to see if it really did hold up as number 1 or if it was possible that the DS games and the long wait between TP made it seem better than it was. For myself, it's still my favorite game of all time.

So thats my thoughts on the game, maybe not the best game for every Zelda fan but each fan is different. Personally I don't care much for Majora I'd put it at the bottom, my brother on the other hand puts it at the top so go figure haha

User Info: Xeylir

3 years ago#73
wiiking96 posted...
Xeylir posted...
I went into the game fully expecting to hate Fi.

While I get that some don't like her personality, I found that her habit of incessantly repeating things to the player was incredibly overblown. The only one that really annoyed me was the "low on hearts" message, because we already have an indicator for that.

From the way the Internet bashed Fi, I expected every item pickup to be followed by "Master, you've found an item" or opening every door to be followed by "You've found a new room, Master." This idea that Fi repeats virtually everything the game tells you was, I thought, really overblown.

I actually found her to be far more endearing than annoying.


The shear fact alone that the vast majority of Fi's dialogue is mandatory makes the complaints directed towards her completely justified.

I'm not here to prove anyone wrong. I liked Fi and found the complaining to be overstated. Posting videos of the game isn't going to change my mind.
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