My biggest gripe about Tropical Freeze...

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User Info: noutBr

3 years ago#11
Avirosb posted...
noutBr posted...
Everywhere the levels push you forward with crumbling rocks, flesh eating bugs, mine carts, rocket barrels etc.
This may be MY main gripe with Tropical Freeze. Too many levels do this.

Agreed, it's clearly a design choice but I think they went a bit overboard in the crumbling and destroying department.

It's also a radical design choice considering how the original DKC games were all about atmosphere and many stages and settings were calm, soothing, eerie and had that abandoned and empty feeling about them (in a good way). Retro went in a totally different direction and some fans apparently can't enjoy the new DKC games for what they are.

I must admit though, I would love to see a true DKC4 complete with gameplay and mechanics like the original games.
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User Info: guedesbrawl

3 years ago#12
there are areas focused around high bounce/low bounce that would be far too easy with a nroaml setup, and it's not like this one is the end of the world, or anything else you said

you are just grapsing Support Chrom for smash 4 DLC!

User Info: imamelia

3 years ago#13
1) Fair enough...I've probably had some deaths due to this, though I think I did get used to it after a while.

2) Agreed that it was dumb not to let you use both the analog stick and D-pad at once. Come on, Super Mario 3D World did it just fine, and I actually ended up using both, though I wouldn't here because I don't use analog sticks in 2D games.

3) Completely agree. Oxygen meters in water levels have NEVER EVER, in the history of video games, added anything to those levels. EVER. The only thing they have ever managed to accomplish is to make you hate water levels. Other notable offenders are the first section of Shell Ocean in Mickey's Magical Quest 3 and pretty much every 3D game I've played that isn't Super Mario 3D Land or World (bonus points for most 3D games having terrible swimming controls). And speaking of controls, I know people will disagree with me, but I really did not like the tank-like swimming controls in this game; I wish there had been an option to change them to be more like the SNES games'. This is exacerbated by what you mentioned about the analog stick (though I tried playing 4-1 with the analog stick, and that made the controls only marginally better at best). Overall, I definitely found the water levels to be the (worst) low point in this game, bad enough that I honestly wish I could just skip them entirely or hack them out of the game (leaving World 4 with only 3 levels and no boss). Even DKCR's rocket barrel levels weren't that bad. And the rather ironic thing is, the SNES DKC games actually had some of my favorite water levels in games (Ripcurl Reef aside).

4) You can still swap the functions of Y/X and ZL/ZR, which I indeed did, using Y for running and grabbing and ZL/ZR for rolling and pounding (I like to alternate them when I have to button-mash). Personally, I don't know why they restricted it to those four options instead of making it completely customizable, where any button could do anything. Why shouldn't we be able to map Y to run, X to Kong Pow, R to grab, and ZR to pound, or ZL to Kong Pow and Y to everything else if we want? It's not as if it would be less user-friendly, since Mega Man ZX had completely customizable controls but also had a couple of default schemes that you could use.

User Info: NickTheBlitz

3 years ago#14
waywardSavior posted...
Even your tl;dr was tl;dr. Learn to summarize!

If four complete sentences are considered tl;dr for you, then you have some issues you should look into.

noutBr posted...
Just because it's different doesn't make it bad,

No. But in any new game in an established series, "different" has the burden of either improving upon, or offering the functional equivalent of, a similar experience. What would your thoughts be if an FPS was released that used a face button to shoot and a trigger button to jump, and this control-scheme is non-customizable. Would that add anything to the experience, even though gamers are far more acclimated to traditional controls?

Plus, it goes without saying for the old addage: if it's not broken, don't fix it. Sonic Team still never learned that lesson, and look how well it's working out for them.

WickedSickJosh posted...
The original DKC game haven't aged that well

I respectfully disagree. Graphically they hold up terribly, but the gameplay was and still is a solid platforming experience. Due to technical limitations it obviously doesn't have the expansive levels one would find in Rayman Legends or Super Meat Boy--but for what it does do, it does fantastically. Mind you, we're talking physics and level design; because nobody (myself included) liked the saving system in any of the DKC games.

manmouse posted...
3.) oxygen while swimming makes sense. plus the levels are designed around it, it makes you exploration mean something when you have to learn to swim the swiftest to make the best use of your time. Ecco and Sonic are the same, maybe it's because i grew up with Sega Genesis so i am more forgiving of oxygen in water levels.

To each his own. Better platformers have gone without oxygen meters and have managed to keep that same sense of danger to the level. As a side note, I absolutely love Genesis/CD Sonic games.
"Love, hope, faith. The greatest of these: love."

User Info: chazmataz123

3 years ago#15
Your complaints seem to be only about controls, and while that is an issue, it's no reason that Retro has made a bad game. Retro Studios is one of the most competent developers out there right now, and these 2 new DKC games are vast improvements over the original trilogy, and that's from someone who grew up with DKC2.

Sorry that you're letting these control issues get in the way (and oxygen, really? I never once died from drowning), but this game is fantastically designed. Every level is unique and full of personality. The gameplay is top notch.

This is a phenomenal game, and is my favorite 2D platformer, followed closely by Returns. I'm really sorry that you're missing out because of the controls.

User Info: Flare7

3 years ago#16
1. Did not notice this, I'll have to check it out next time I play, but I'd think if it was a problem I would have noticed, since I love picking apart games.

2. Did not have any issue with the controls. Although I do seem to recall using the analog stick (which is silly), it didn't bother me.

3. I have no recollection of this, but everyone mentions it, so it must be in the game. If I don't remember it, it wasn't an issue at all for me. I actually found this game to be quite easy (not humble brag, I think the original trilogy is more difficult).

4. Agree, I had the same issue when I played DKCR. At least this one didn't have mandatory waggle controls. Not a big deal once you get used to it, but it is a head-scratcher.

User Info: NickTheBlitz

3 years ago#17
chazmataz123 posted...
I'm really sorry that you're missing out because of the controls.

I'm by no means missing out--I own the game and am diligently playing through it, but the things I pointed out are design choices that are flat out unnecessary. So far, the level design is decent, and the music is pretty good.
"Love, hope, faith. The greatest of these: love."
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