What games have you gone back to and said "this is a lot harder than I remember"

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  3. What games have you gone back to and said "this is a lot harder than I remember"

User Info: o___Okami

3 years ago#1
For me, it's Metal Gear Solid. I just got done playing MGS3 and Peacewalkers for the first time and am now re-playing Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2 in preparation for my first playthrough of Metal Gear Solid 4 through the PS4's glorious and truly innovative PS Now service which actually has a lot better pricing than my local video game rental shops.

I've played through Metal Gear Solid many, many, many times. Probably my third most played through game besides Pokemon Red and Final Fantasy VII. However, it's been a few years...

And I suppose I've been spoiled by a lot of the newer features of the series that I didn't really appreciate till I went back to play this. Features, such as adjustable camera (playing this game on Hard+ without the radar is broken as hell unless you have all the guard routes memorized beforehand), easily accessible first person mode, being able to roll, more forgiving controls (as far initiating a choke hold), and guards that don't instantly trigger an alert the split second they see you (especially noticeable when you fail-choke hold or accidentally toss a guard instead of grabbing and try to grab him as soon as he gets up).

And, yeah, I guess games have gotten easier throughout the years but it's mostly because of the much, much needed features added to the series so I'm not even mad about the loss of difficulty if it's a result of me not having to fight bad controls.

Through the years I've always maintained that MGS was tied with MGS2 for my favorite game in the series though it's getting a lot harder to argue that MGS is actually a better game than the later games in the series. I had more fun playing it than any of the other MGSs, sure, but "better game" than the others? Hard to say.
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User Info: DeathSoul2000

3 years ago#2
FF7. l remember stopping at Wutai (god l hate that ****ing sidequest) and it was boss time vs. Don Corneo's Rapps, and man - that thing OWNED me. l wasn't expecting to get slammed so hard by it.

User Info: GenjiRed

3 years ago#3
Castlevania 3
Conquest of Crystal Palace
G.I. Joe (NES) - A lot harder than Atlantis Factor in my opinion
Burai Fighters
Bad Dudes
Little Samson
Super Valis

Edit: Trust me, games have gotten much much easier since my era
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User Info: Chicken

3 years ago#4
Super Mario World
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User Info: guedesbrawl

3 years ago#5
usually it's the other way around?: i play a game and it's much easier now.
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User Info: sketchturner

3 years ago#6
F-Zero X. When I was a teenager, I completed every grand prix on the Master difficulty. When I played it again this year, I still managed to complete Expert fairly easily, but Master kicked my butt to oblivion.
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Mario Kart SNES.
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User Info: Shadowbird_RH

3 years ago#8
Nah, I seem to do well when it comes to retaining my skill over the decades. I played Life Force for the first time in a long while a few years ago, I beat it using no continues or the Konami Code. I remember dying once in the pyramid labyrinth (a bullet was shot down the narrow corridor I was in and there was no room to dodge), I might've died before or during the final boss, and I died once during the final escape sequence, but I think that was it.

Oh, wait... Legend of Zelda, the original one. I died in Level 6, though by that time, a new game I was after came out and I abandoned my LoZ playthrough. I'd forgotten how hard that game got. May not technically count, since that game was always hard in the later levels. I picked the game up via 3DS Ambassador Program and breezed through most of it, but around that point, I had trouble keeping myself alive. The modern Zeldas are pretty sad in terms of difficulty.
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User Info: Kiro_nami

3 years ago#9
Mario Kart Super Circuit
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User Info: Evilcrachitt

3 years ago#10
The first few Mario Parties. I always chalked up my sucking at them to being a kid, because almost every other game that I revisited was immensely easier, but those Mario Parties are brutal especially compared to the Gamecube titles
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