What was the last 10/10 game you played?

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User Info: Wii_Truth

3 years ago#11
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

honorable mention: Skyward Sword (comes pretty close to 10/10)

hooray for last gen gaming for the poor!
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User Info: DemonCatursday

3 years ago#12
WoT is probably my all time favorite game, hope it get's a Wii U release, that or War Thunder
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User Info: Josiv_Vito

3 years ago#13
doukutsu monogatari

User Info: Nikra

3 years ago#14

User Info: KevaSan

3 years ago#15
Skyward Sword, Super Mario 3D World, but most highest is Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

User Info: SKStylez

3 years ago#16
SetecAstronomy posted...
zeldas_lover posted...
Skyward Sword. I know many disagree with me, but I think it was an amazing game

Hey, I agree with you. It was nearly flawless IMO.

I loved the gameplay too, but some content felt a bit shallow. I loved all the phases bosses had in TP and felt it was severely lacking in SS. Plus the insect notification... omg

User Info: EndOfDiscOne

3 years ago#17
Xenoblade in 2012

User Info: king_madden

3 years ago#18
this is a pretty good topic for the whole "what games are over/underrated debate".

people have such a wide range of opinions and requirements for what makes a good game.

on topic though. Valkyria Chronicles, and since I just played it the other day Suikoden V. as the most recent 10/10 from this past month.

User Info: TheDuskwalker

3 years ago#19
I don't think I would say any game is 10/10, but Okami probably would be the closest, with Ninja Gaiden Black before it.
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User Info: o___Okami

3 years ago#20
The Last of Us Remastered
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