What was the last 10/10 game you played?

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User Info: Oni_Taedo

3 years ago#241
That's hard.

While, I want to say Super Mario 3D World was 10/10, but that's the Nintendo fanboy in me. It was really an 8.5/10.

The last 10/10... I'd say was Twilight Princess. I've played through that game a hundred times (that's not an estimation, either), and it's just so damn good.

Aside from that, I can only think of two other 10/10 games in existence: Megaman X (first PC game I ever owned), and Soul Calibur 2 (and that's not even counting the Gamecube version).
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User Info: Hambodias

3 years ago#242
The Wonderful 101
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User Info: toadfan64

3 years ago#243
Last game I gave a 10 was proably Paper Mario or Goldeneye. Closest recent game is probably Vice City, Melee, Brawl, and Super Mario Galaxy, all 9 - 9.5's for me.

I think there's been one game in the 2000's I've given a 10.
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User Info: XD375

3 years ago#244
Tropical Freeze.

User Info: Thomageddon

3 years ago#245
Maybe it's nostalgia speaking, but chrono trigger is still my favorite game of all time, thus earning its 10. Everything after it was just me making comparisons. Haven't played a game since that I didn't have something to ***** about. Judging by the responses to this topic, I'm not alone lol.

User Info: guedesbrawl

3 years ago#246
Tropical Freeze
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