A Good Wiimote Charger?

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User Info: Wesker008

3 years ago#1
Hey everyone,

I just got a WiiU and am loving it, especially the co-op in games like Mario Kart, Tropical Freeze and NSMBU and looking forward to 3d World. But this has lead to a huge need for batteries, I've been looking for a good, reliable charger for my (3 - going to be 4) Wiimotes, any suggestions?
Jason Hart Maivia 3 years ago#2
In my opinion, you should definitely go with rechargeable NiMH batteries instead of dedicated Wiimote chargers.

Wiimote chargers aren't as reliable. I've had some in that past, including a set by Nyko, with one battery pack that only lasted about 8-months and the fourth one dying at the 10-month mark. Unfortunately, that was the longest-lasting charger that I've owned. Around the 3-5 month period, I was beginning to see problems with the packs and chargers. Sometimes the charger won't detect the batteries, even with the contacts being clean and touching. I've also had problems with them giving me the signal that the batteries were fully charged, even though they really weren't, shortly after the recharging process begins.

The newer eneloop brand batteries claims that they will last through thousands of charges. I have had mine for about 3 years now with no problems, and I even ordered more for use everywhere else inside and outside the home (flashlights, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, clocks, kids toys, tv remote, smoke detectors, Executioner bug zapper, etc.).

Just search "eneloop" on Amazon.

Rechargable batteries are pricey, but you definitely get your money's worth, being able to recharge instead of buying new batteries again and again.

Look around Amazon for good prices. Sanyo was bought out by Panasonic, so you'll see eneloop batteries with both the Sanyo (older) and Panasonic (newer) brands. It doesn't matter which ones out, since they're still made from the same people, and all last for years. The newer ones claim to be able to be recharged for 500x-1000x more than the older ones. I'm no where near that many charges with my old or newer eneloops to say if this is true or not.
Still...3 years is a loooong time, and I'm going on year 4 my first set for my Wii Remotes.

Some come with the new charger, which lets you charge batteries individually. In the past, it used to be that you have to charge them in pairs with the old charger or find a different charger by a different company. But with the new charger, you don't have deal with that anymore. You can place 4 batteries, all with different charge levels, into the charger, and it will smarty charge them to where they should be (it stops the ones that are maxed, so you don't have to worry about over charging.

If I'm playing Wii or Wii U, and the battery is getting low on one or multiple Wii Remotes, I immediately throw the low batteries on the charger, and while they're charging, I put some fresh batteries in the controllers and continue playing. When the batteries are done charging, I put them up for the next time I need them. As long as I have more than what need, I don't have to worry about not being able to play anything because of dead batteries.


Use the drop-down menu to select your matter size (AA or AAA), quantity (4, 8, 12, and 16), and charger.

I honestly believe that eneloop batteries and charger is one of the better options available, not just for video games, but for anything else that uses AA and AAA batteries (even C and D batteries, if you have those plastic spacers). You can look around for other options if you like.

I thought I could help a bit with my opinion and experiences.
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User Info: Waggy17

3 years ago#3
I recommend the Wii Energizer Flat Panel Induction Charger. You can leave the Wii Remote jacket on and it will still charge. It is also very simple to fix if one of the batteries needs to be replaced.
PSN/NNID - Waggy777

User Info: Shadowbird_RH

3 years ago#4
My Nyko charging station has been keeping my Wii remotes charged since I got the Wii around a year after launch. Sometimes the contacts need to be scraped clean, but other than that, I'm fully satisfied and have never been left with a dead remote.
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