Why isn't Twilight Princess your favorite Zelda game?

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User Info: ponyseizures

3 years ago#1
>best story, easily most cinematic
>mass array of characters, with character growth
>best graphics,avoiding cel shading and bloom lighting
>best music
>biggest map
>choice of controls
>best selling
>inexpensive to pick up

So why, board?
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User Info: vermilion99

3 years ago#2
How many alts do you have and why are your posts and topics so horrible?

User Info: FireFlower16

3 years ago#3
Difference of opinion?
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User Info: BowserJr168

3 years ago#4

User Info: DeathSoul2000

3 years ago#5
Who said it wasn't?

User Info: trenken

3 years ago#6
vermilion99 posted...
How many alts do you have and why are your posts and topics so horrible?

He's clearly a narcissist. If it hasnt already, it will effect other parts of his life. Anyone that feels some strange need to promote a piece of unimportant plastic under fake accounts while pretending to be different ppl on a videogame message board isnt really all there up stairs.
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User Info: Spider5800

3 years ago#7
Because Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are better? Heck, I still prefer the NES original to TP.

Also, listing most sales as a pro is kinda misleading, it was the first Zelda game to launch on multiple consoles at once (GC and Wii), and the re-releases and digital sales of some of these games are counted separately from their original releases, if they're counted at all. If we total up the original release, the re-releases on Gamecube and the 3DS version, OoT actuall crushes TP in sales.

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User Info: ptreemf12

3 years ago#8
DeathSoul2000 posted...
Who said it wasn't?
Every dang time...

User Info: snake_5036

3 years ago#9
because zelda 2
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User Info: Blancshammer

3 years ago#10
Because Wind Waker HD exists.
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