Why isn't Twilight Princess your favorite Zelda game?

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User Info: IHeartJessAlba

2 years ago#131
it is.
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User Info: residentbowers

2 years ago#132
a lot of reasons, but mainly because it sucked ass and was horrible.
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User Info: Mouser05

2 years ago#133
ponyseizures posted...
>Why isn't Twilight Princess your favorite Zelda game?

Because Zelda 2 is better.
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User Info: SaintZetsu

2 years ago#134
It is
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User Info: middays_deep

2 years ago#135
I just find that most of the dungeons were boring IMO. I don't like Midna all that much either.
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User Info: Arn544

2 years ago#136
Too many anime elements (weird characters and Midna)
Entirely too easy
The same story has been told too many times at this point, making all the Zeldas in the same world has proven to be a major mistake.

Those are my problems with it, my most favorite is probably Majoras Mask.

User Info: wh0_kn0ws

2 years ago#137
^there are tons of weirdos in every zelda

hyrule is basically populated by nothing but
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User Info: F0Xhole

2 years ago#138
I definitely enjoyed the game, but it's probably the only Zelda I haven't played through a second time. Midna really made that game for me, though.

User Info: kukingina2

2 years ago#139
best story and visuals? hell no

I also hated the fact that zelda and ganon felt nothing more than forced characters in the game
it was all about midna and zant that I cared nothing for

also the game was too damn easy
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User Info: toomanymouths

2 years ago#140
Lol is this a troll? Because it's almost as if he found most of TP's flaws and called them pros.

But really, the biggest reason is the dead, dreary world that the game takes place in. Miserable to play.
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