Why isn't Twilight Princess your favorite Zelda game?

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User Info: Flare7

3 years ago#161
LttP is superior to all other Zeldas in every aspect. I don't even know why these discussions happen.
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User Info: supermegablox

3 years ago#162
Flare7 posted...
Minish Cap is superior to all other Zeldas in every aspect. I don't even know why these discussions happen.
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User Info: Brewster123

3 years ago#163
Because I like Skyward Sword... I mean.

I like the item upgrade system. (makes me feel like i have to work to be strong and no just have the item be op to begin with)

I like the bosses (Ancient Cistern's boss wa awesome. As was Ghirahim, Levias )

I like Ghirahim

I like the Dungeons (Ancient Cystern's buddhist story, the sandship too)

The fact that shields can die (more realistic)

Scrapper (Although that escort mission was terrible)

So yeah, I have my opinion and you have yours
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User Info: NintendoLover25

3 years ago#164
I prefer the top down Zelda games over 3D (Zelda 1, ALTTP, ALBW, etc), and among 3D my favorite is Skyward Sword for it's motion controls. I still like Twilight Princess though, just not my favorite. Midna was cool, the pointer controls were a huge improvement over the previous 3D games for aiming, and it has my favorite overworld theme of the series to name a few things I liked.

User Info: bigybri

3 years ago#165
TC, close to my favorite. My only knock is that it's like 4 hours before you reach the first dungeon...the Ranch, fishing, Twilight world, collecting orbs, Minda, etc. I know "OoT" had the Lost Woods and buying your sword and shield, but TP has a slow beginning.

I think the point of the price of TP is legitimate. I remember WW being $10 used at Gamestop on Black Frinday 2005 and it was a Buy2GEet1 sale. What a great time to invest. My point, some games are overpriced and if this game was still $50 Used like the NGC edition, I'd advise casual gamers to look elsewhere

because of the slow begging.
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User Info: MAZZIVEdamage

3 years ago#166
Because The Wind Waker is a lot better.

User Info: AMG

3 years ago#167
Because I enjoyed both LttP and OoT more.

User Info: CyricsServant

3 years ago#168
Because it's the worst of the 3d Zeldas.

User Info: SoraKH2_Mau

3 years ago#169
Too easy (still love it though)
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User Info: evosthunder

3 years ago#170
Watered-down Ocarina clone--devoid of any originality whatsoever and one of the easier Zelda games.
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