Why isn't Twilight Princess your favorite Zelda game?

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User Info: BigPappy09

3 years ago#41
Twilight Princess is easily the worst 3D Zelda.

User Info: Fulvip

3 years ago#42
Because Wind Waker is better.
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User Info: RippleLaser

3 years ago#43
Brown, brown everywhere.
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User Info: ZebuFrenzy

3 years ago#44
It just isn't. It's a great game that I have already recommended to people, but my personal favorite is Link's Awakening.

User Info: DrRM

3 years ago#45
Cause minish cap is cuter and cuteness rule it all :3
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User Info: supermegablox

3 years ago#47
scoobydoobydont posted...
After Majora it is my next favorite. TP is the best looking Zelda by far. Unfortunately the core Nintendo base apparently only wants kiddy cartoon visuals in everything, so we keep getting Zelda for Kidz.

lol@the kids part. clearly majoras mask is intended for children. obviously its not the darkest zelda game.
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User Info: jaoman69

3 years ago#48
Everything you just said is entirely wrong. it may be your opinion but it doesnt mean anyone else in the world agrees with you.

User Info: arstos

3 years ago#49
Its a good game, my least favorite Zelda though. I thought the wolf parts were really boring, theres other reasons, but that's the big one.
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User Info: xnn3882

3 years ago#50
>best story, easily most cinematic

Story is just a mess. Very good til third dungeon, then is just a mess. I don't understand how anyone can say this is the best story. Do you understand what's going on?
Skyward Sword had much better story.

>mass array of characters, with character growth

I like some of the characters, but don't agree with character growth.

>best graphics,avoiding cel shading and bloom lighting

Looks terrible to me.

>best music

Yeah I agree on this. The music is awsome.

>biggest map

Yes. Too big and empty. Just boring.

>choice of controls


>best selling

I don't like a game better because it sold well

>inexpensive to pick up

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