Name 1 dream exclusive Sega should release for Wii U

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User Info: GREEN00

3 years ago#21
Wachenroder 2, with the original Wachenroder included on the disc, fully localized.
My collection,

User Info: Ballermann2D

3 years ago#22
Jet Set Radio U
was Dreamcast a PlayStation?

User Info: adampeltz

3 years ago#23
Panzer Dragoon HD Collection...

...I wish.
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User Info: INKU48

3 years ago#24
Shenmue 3 and Panzer Dragoon Orta 2.

User Info: Drakkardnoir

3 years ago#25
Sonic Adventure 3 or a new JSR

User Info: m2o03

3 years ago#26
Phantasy Star Online 2 (or Nova)

User Info: TheZuperHero

3 years ago#27
Billy Hatcher 2!
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User Info: 777gameguy777

3 years ago#28
Crazy Taxi

User Info: KaiserWarrior

3 years ago#29
It's already been done, via the Sega 3D Classics line on the 3DS.

Galaxy Force II, Super Hang-On, Space Harrier, OutRun... These along with some Genesis classics like Sonic and Ecco have been a great addition to the 3DS's library. M2 has always gone above and beyond in producing their ports, and they're one more example of why the VC is such a terrible, overpriced pile of crap -- you can pay $5 for a no-frills straight-up ROM dump of an NES game, or you can pay $6 for a carefully-ported, 3D-enabled, visually improved (often in both resolution and framerate) version of a Super Scaler arcade game with a TON of enthusiast-oriented extras.

User Info: Skill4Reel

3 years ago#30
Virtua Cop trilogy, or Sega Race TV.
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