So I got banned on Miiverse

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User Info: KittenLina

3 years ago#41
BishtrainerTai16 posted...
Basically he said I was skirting around the rules, but the ban will still be upheld. I also asked him to delete that twerp's last two posts, but told me to mark it in two weeks.

I reported him for you, best of luck!

BishtrainerTai16 posted...
Was working on a drawing of Link. Luckily this one didnt get haters.

...Yet. Hopefully it doesn't, but he was a few more after in order...

Also, that's terrible about the Bombing Bastards thing, IT'S THE NAME FOR GOODNESS SAKE. Don't make a game that's offensive if you want it to be "family friendly". THAT I would report to someone (else).

Good luck, TC... Always stupid when some miserable child tries to ruin your enjoyment.
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I shall remind them of the error in their beliefs... And remind them, that they should fear me.

User Info: SaruOmega

3 years ago#42
Draw me some butts.
Brother Sister too, do what you must do, don't trust people you meet.
They might promise you that the river ain't deep.

User Info: nonexistinghero

3 years ago#43
HeroC114 posted...
You made me realize why Nintendo is so far behind in their online services. It's too sugar coated. Definitely will consider a PS4 or Xbox ONE soon.

And no, the kids I'm around don't even use the internet. Except the oldest, and I would say at his age kids show their corrupt nature from the environmental influences they pick up more prominently. It starts with curiosity and then slowly turns into corruption.

Why the quotations around awesome? How else would you have me describe my nieces or nephews? Or do you just have low regard for everyone around you?

Miiverse is a place for people of all ages. Maybe you think it's fine to make pedobear references around young children, but it generally isn't. So you go enjoy the rest of your life and have fun explaining to their parents that you gave their kid a bear named pedobear because 'it makes them feel good at night'.
Read the mania:
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User Info: BurgerTime79

3 years ago#44
Yeah there's a time and place for things, and unfortunately people these days can't seem to grasp the concept of when those times are. Miiverse isn't a place for joking about pedophile stuff. No amount of justification is going to change that.
Hero, you can go right ahead and get a PS4 or XBone. Changing systems doesn't make the pictures you defend any less wrong.
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Questionmarktarius 3 years ago#45
Miiverse is a disaster.
It's only useful for the occasional puppy-love drama, and the insanity in the Life with Horses community.

User Info: eoneel

3 years ago#46
Pigfarts posted...
its a place for little kids, so you need to keep things rated for ages 5-10.

Butt jokes are what 10 year olds are made out of!

User Info: DoomsSD

3 years ago#47
Cubfan082 posted...
How do you get a screen grab on the Wii U? I keep seeing this show up and have no idea how people are pitting it into their posts or through links.

On your Wii U web browser (or whatever else you're browsing on) go to the web version of miiverse-

Log in, then go to to User Page tab, then click on your Activity Feed and simply browse until you find a screen grab you want to post.

On the Wii U, find the post you want to use, tap on it and it'll bring you to that posts' own feed so you can see the post, the screenshot and any extra comments people have made on it. Simply tap and hold on the picture until you get the options box with "Image Preview", tap dat.

When the image pops up in full screen, it'll also have a tab along the bottom with "Copy Image URL". Tap that, then simply close out of the image and you can past the link wherever you like. If all went well, it should work like this-
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User Info: 1212-1

3 years ago#48
BishtrainerTai16 posted...

I got two notifications for bullying/hateful, but it only links back to one post.

Some twerp went on a racist rant spree on my drawing, I called him an ignorant kid, I get a two week ban.

I also got an infraction for sexual explicit for drawing a butt. Plenty of people draw butts, but I cant. I even gave him pants

I read some sony rep got a ban for posting "I love PS." Lawyer logic says he was advertising.

I sent nintendo an email, debating on just calling them.

TLDR Miiverse mods are paranoid. I see now.

haha, same thing happened to me! A friend drew a old man, the topic for the wario sketch miiverse thing was butt, and the post got banned just like yours. It wasn't that bad either, I was pretty surprised.

User Info: STN79

3 years ago#49
Don't be an idiot on message forums and you won't get banned.
Why do you gotta be drawing butts anyway? Are you 12? Think before you post.
It is artists, not technicians, who make excellent games. "Hiroshi yamauchi"

User Info: FredSavage27

3 years ago#50
99% of people complaining about getting banned are just upset that Nintendo aren't buying their BS excuses to try and get sexually explicit jokes to appear in a Mario game.
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