face it guys, Nintendo deserves to lose the console wars (long read - sorry)

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User Info: diggyfresh

3 years ago#151
>Fist of all, we all know that massive amount of little kids helped push the sales of the Wii. Also consoles was designed to be played by all ages, with simple Wii remote controls. So Ninty decide to bundle the new console, without an upgraded take on the Wii remotes and instead create a pad that for anyone under 10 is quite big and awkward.

You can still use remotes. And show some evidence to support your argument that the gamepad is awkward. Otherwise, it's just your opinion and assumption.

>Then the pad itself turns out to be junk, played Zombi U, and thought looking at the pad almost all the time, as well as looking at the screen, to be most annoying. Then I find out this is one of the pads better usage!!

I played ZombiU too. You don't have to look at the gamepad all the time. As for going back and forth between gamepad and TV, it's something you get good at. It's a new aspect of gameplay.

>If Ninty wanted to ditch the remotes, why not give a proper control pad. ... Instead were stuck with this pad.

They didn't want to ditch the remotes. Have you played Pikmin 3? The remote and nunchuk combo is the best controller for that game. And there is the pro controller, and it's awesome. You sound ignorant of what the Wii U has to offer.

>People defend the delay between games...

Wii U has more games than any current gen system. Deal with it.

>Also we used to wait ages for a Ninty game, but mostly these delivered. (N64, Cube) Now we still wait ages and the games are paint by numbers safe with barely any additional content from the previous version.

Pick any Wii U first party game and I'll show you how it's unique and offers lots of content.

>But for me its Nitys lack of embracing online that kills it...

Nintendo's getting there, and they're doing it in their own way that sets apart Nintendo games. You're upset because there's no COD leaderboard trash talking like games on Wii U, except there are! And nobody cares because those games are getting stale. If you want to complain about Nintendo not being current in online competitive gaming you should complain about the lack of MOBAs on Wii U.

>Now Amiibo, another way of Nintendo failing to address there failings and make as much money as possible. maybe during there pitch they suggested the projected figures if they could lure kids in and milk them and they all high fived. Who wanted this???

I want a Kirby one. I like Kirby. Also, above you argued that Nintendo did things right by marketing the Wii to little kids. But here you argue it's not right to market Amiibos to little kids. That's a contradiction in your argument.

>I'm 34, been gaming b4 most of u were born and have owned all Nintendo consoles, but this is the worst in terms of wasted potential and a total lack of online features.

What's your age have to do with the Wii U? Shut up and have fun ya geezer.

User Info: darklink67

3 years ago#152
Get out of here buddy, face it your a troll
Psn: Schamolians101 Gamertag: Darkwarrior7000
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  3. face it guys, Nintendo deserves to lose the console wars (long read - sorry)

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