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User Info: _Taidow_

2 years ago#1
Would you like one? - Results (30 votes)
Yes, but for the N64 version.
26.67% (8 votes)
Yes, but for the DS version.
16.67% (5 votes)
Yes, for both together.
23.33% (7 votes)
Maybe, depends on what they do with it.
6.67% (2 votes)
No, I don't care for Super Mario 64.
10% (3 votes)
No, let's get Sunshine HD first.
16.67% (5 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Honestly, I wouldn't mind them redoing Super Mario 64 in HD first. Perhaps, when you start the game, one plays in "Classic Mode" which is basically the N64 formula of the game. 120 Stars and most of it is kept the same.

However, maybe it can pull a Galaxy on us, in the fact that when you collect all 120 Stars, there's a new mode unlocked called "Remake Mode," in which one plays through the DS Formula and starts out with Yoshi and plays that version of the game with 150 Stars, Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, and Wario as playable characters. Everything in HD graphics.

* Miiverse Functionality
* No more booting you out of the level if you die once.
* Day/Night System based on internal clock. (Optional)

I'd really love seeing certain levels in different time settings, with the new graphical improvements they can pull something great like the MK8 recreations of retro courses.
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User Info: Flare7

2 years ago#2
I'd much prefer 64 over DS version. If they could fix the camera, I'd be happy.
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User Info: burningxbridges

2 years ago#3
They still sell Super Mario 64 DS full price in store. I don't see this happening any time soon.
But sure, I'd definitely play an HD remake. I'd prefer they added new options though, not just adopt the DS ones (which weren't that great, imo)

User Info: Gafemage

2 years ago#4
No, because I'd rather Nintendo focus on original titles than HD rereleases.
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