The next big thing for Mario is a open world game

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User Info: jaymart_2k

2 years ago#1
The game would be like combining a full 3D Mario game with Mario Kart.

I would say similar to Lego City Undercover which in turn was a more friendly GTA clone with more platforming.
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User Info: NovaLevossida

2 years ago#2
The basic platforming ideas behind Mario 64 with the scale of something like GTA and the area interconnectivity of something like Dark Souls 1 would kind of be my dream platformer.
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User Info: deathwave21

2 years ago#3
Mario games have always been about platforming. Openworld exploration is better left to zelda and metroid. We will probably see Mario U-niverse, which will be the final 3D game for a solid decade or so.
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User Info: The_Shadow_Link

2 years ago#4
Something like a Sly Cooper set-up would be awesome. With a giant hub area to platform around, along with some specific area that are more linear for some challenging platforming.
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  3. The next big thing for Mario is a open world game

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