What was Nintendo's last truly brilliant idea, in your opinion?

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  3. What was Nintendo's last truly brilliant idea, in your opinion?

User Info: kukingina2

3 years ago#31
the wii

it was a brilliant idea, just poorly implemented
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User Info: Shippoyasha

3 years ago#32
For me: F-Zero GX

Shame the franchise is likely dead for good.
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User Info: Bujubounty

3 years ago#33
The N64 system having 4 controller ports.
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User Info: Ness0123456789

3 years ago#34
The DS.
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User Info: MilkNPC

3 years ago#35
I'll throw another vote for the DS. The thing everyone was skeptical of because it wasnt a gameboy and wound up being a sales juggernaut.

User Info: MoreLemonPledge

3 years ago#36
Mario Maker.

It is something people have been asking for. I'm seriously surprised it took so long.

User Info: darkness1018

3 years ago#37
The DS.
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User Info: iKhanic

3 years ago#38
Muddy_Ape posted...

LOL. The Gamepad adds virtually nothing to gameplay. It's one of Nintendo's worst ideas.

If we are talking hardware, the Wii Remote. If we are talking software, Splatoon
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User Info: xXVongolaReborn

3 years ago#39
Off-TV play.

I love it. So, I guess the Gamepad?
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User Info: WhyitEarp

3 years ago#40
What was Sony's last great idea? What was Microsoft's? And you think their last great game was Super Smash Brothers in '99?? That's just ridiculous
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  3. What was Nintendo's last truly brilliant idea, in your opinion?

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