preorder store exclusive DLC in Zelda Hyrule Warriors is pissing me off

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  3. preorder store exclusive DLC in Zelda Hyrule Warriors is pissing me off

User Info: PStrife

3 years ago#101
TC, this is all a Tecmo-Koei business model thing. Nintendo is only publishing it in this region, just following their distribution agreement with Tecmo-Koei on this pre-order stuff.

Ultimately all blame and annoyance must be forwarded to Tecmo-Koei. Tecmo-Koei still uses online passes for crying out loud, they hate their consumer.

User Info: ThePaleRiderp

3 years ago#102
This reminds me of when watch dogs had 10 different collectors edition of the game and there was a spreadsheet going around letting people know what they would get and miss out on each version.

Not saying Nintendo is as bad but retail DLC is a pretty crappy practice.
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User Info: Lefty128k

3 years ago#103
LightHawKnight posted...
Rofl. Lefty does not know what 2nd party means at all. How sad.

ROFL, let's see anyone else post a source to a definition that matches their definition.

User Info: NintendoLover25

3 years ago#104
If you have a problem with it, just get the digital version or wait a few days after launch to get the game retail instead of pre-ordering to send the message you disapprove. If enough people think the same as you, the company will see they are losing money and stop it. If not, then yours is a minority complaint to begin with and most people are fine with it.

User Info: RoyalDroneX

3 years ago#105
Idk how this is considered the devil with the skins? Seriously..I didn't know they were game breaking. The basis of DLC isn't the devil, it's only the devil if done wrong (ala EA or Capcom) but if done right, it's actually something that gives shelf life to a game
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User Info: AShockCipher

3 years ago#106
Buy the game, play the game. Pretend the dlc doesn't exist. Honestly you sound like you really wanted to play Hyrule Warriors. Don't miss out just because of a few costumes that you'll probably be able to buy down the road.
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User Info: MikasaAyanami

3 years ago#107
I agree 100% with you TC.

Shame on Nintendo.

Now what do I do? I want to play this game so bad but I hate these business practices and buying the game will just support and reinforce them.

I'm lost.

Why Nintendo?

User Info: Avirosb

3 years ago#108
Oh no, costumes. How will I be able to play without them.
Console wars are like pissing contests. So yeah.
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  3. preorder store exclusive DLC in Zelda Hyrule Warriors is pissing me off

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