What would you rename the system to if you could?

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Jason Hart Maivia 3 years ago#41
Nothing with "Wii" in the name. I believe that the "Wii" brand died after 2010 with the lack of new games, and with most of their buyers no longer interested in video games (if they ever truly were).

Most of all NIntendo's got left are just their core fanbase, which is ever shrinking, along with major 3rd party support.

This could have been the system to truly start anew, the Wii name can't do it alone.
With with a stupid name, like Wii U, a big marketing push all year long, along with lots of 1st and 3rd party games of all genres known to man, could make any system popular...but the Wii U don't have a lot of either.
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User Info: Eoin

3 years ago#42
Remembrent posted...
Also, wasn't the code name Revolution? That would have been better.

Revolution was the code name for the Wii. Nintendo have explained a few times why it wasn't used in the end, but in short, the name is difficult to pronounce for many people across the world (Iwata stumbled over it quite a bit during the announcement - and he presumably spent time practising it).

The codename for the Wii U was Project Café. I suspect that I don't have to explain why that's not a great name.

sketchturner posted...
Nintendo Next

Call it the Next for short. It's not a brilliant name, but it gets the point across.

[Console] Next has probably been considered multiple times by various companies. We know Microsoft have considered it - the codename for the 360 during development was Xbox Next. It's not a terrible name, but I think the problem with it (and the reason it's generally avoided) is that it starts to sound silly when the console is no longer "next" and has been sitting on shelves for a few months. It gets even worse when you want to release another new console - imagine how tricky it would be, right now, for Microsoft to get across the message that "Xbox One" was the new console and "Xbox Next" was the old one.

User Info: Pikachu222

3 years ago#43
Pretty much any name without Wii in it would have been better because it just made people think it was the same system.

Name it Penelope and at least people won't confuse it with the old Wii.
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User Info: zavlinz

3 years ago#44
Pikachu222 posted...
Pretty much any name without Wii in it would have been better because it just made people think it was the same system.

Maybe. But names that come totally out of left field can have bad results too. Microsoft's Vista for example. Ultimately i guess its hindsight based on how the system is selling.. I think the "xbox one" was a bad name choice too. But it sold better anyway.

User Info: brentendo3

3 years ago#45
I would start a unique naming convention like Nintendo Number 6 or Nintendo Console 6 or just the N6.

User Info: Setzera

3 years ago#46
Of those, Wii 2. One character is all it takes to change how it's perceived by those that know nothing about it.
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User Info: Rizaadon007

3 years ago#47
Nintendo Revolution. What they were originally gonna call the Wii.
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User Info: Oni_Taedo

3 years ago#48

Revolutionary Nintendo Entertainment System.

The slogan would be "The Gaming ReNESance is here."

It's a play on the word "renaissance" and ReNES.
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User Info: Luigi4President

3 years ago#49
Nintendo Entertainment Console

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User Info: sketchturner

3 years ago#50
I know a brilliant name... how about the Nintendo One. >_<
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