Are you gonna buy captain toad?

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User Info: ponypower666

3 years ago#1

User Info: asbsand

3 years ago#2
It's my most anticipated game of 2014, believe it or not. The everything else is for PS4 and has been postponed into next year :-/
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User Info: oldhbk76

3 years ago#3
No, not at first maybe down the line
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User Info: Avirosb

3 years ago#4
Yes, not at first but maybe down the line.
Console wars are like pissing contests. So yeah.

User Info: Pink_a_Dink

3 years ago#5
If it drops below 15 bucks, yeah.
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User Info: NintendoLover25

3 years ago#6
Yes, I loved his levels in 3D World and want more.

User Info: random_man9119

3 years ago#7
Nope... Looks neat, but not that interested in in...
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User Info: Tauro_Fc

3 years ago#8
Yep, for sure.

User Info: xnn3882

3 years ago#9
Yes, I will buy it when it's finally released here in Europe. I loved the captain toad levels in 3D World.

User Info: Toozin

3 years ago#10
Maybe when the price drops.

If the price drops, I should say. It is a Nintendo game after all.
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