Are you gonna buy captain toad?

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User Info: Super-Mario-Fan

3 years ago#51
Day 1 purchase for me. Shame this game isn't getting more hype.
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User Info: Plasma EXE

Plasma EXE
3 years ago#52
Down the line maybe. I'm happy Nintendo's doing something like this though (haven't been too amazed with the latest mario games), but with a lot of other things I care more about coming out, I'll wait on it.
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User Info: Flare7

3 years ago#53
Most likely
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User Info: y000012500

3 years ago#54
Is it going to be like the Captain Toad mini games in SM3DW? I didn't really like those.

User Info: TriForceOmelet

3 years ago#55
Maybe eventually, but I have a small budget this year and other games have more priority for me.

I don't even know if I'll get a chance to pick it up next year, Nintendo's just churning out too many great games.
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User Info: guedesbrawl

3 years ago#56
not anytime soon Support Chrom for smash 4 DLC!

User Info: FullMetalPanic

3 years ago#57
Yup, day one purchase for me.
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User Info: Retrowire

3 years ago#58

As soon as I was playing those Captain Toad levels in SM3DW, I knew that I would love an entire game like that. I prayed for it!

So yay!
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User Info: imamelia

3 years ago#59
Probably not. The Captain Toad levels were okay, but I didn't like them enough to want an entire game full of them. Now, if they were offering additional Super Mario 3D World levels as DLC...

User Info: xmagxus

3 years ago#60
I am not going to buy captain toad because I do not believe in slavery, however I will gladly buy his videogame.
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