Is the future of Nintendo....

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User Info: Da_Geek

3 years ago#1
Lying in Starfox, Fire Elbem, Kid Icarus, and Animal Crossing? All those series are rising, while others are starting to decline.

I'm cool with it, but frankly, I'd trade Animal Crossing for Earthbound or Metroid.
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User Info: mra823

3 years ago#2
I'm not sold on Star Fox and Kid Icarus dominating Nintendo, however Animal Crossing, which I've been on the bandwagon for since the first game, and Fire Emblem, a game I've wanted to play for a while but haven't, seem like games that could begin to dominate nintendo. I guess Metroid could rise too. However, I think the nostalgia and quality that come with Mario and Zelda as well as the rising popularity of competitive pokemon (I've played many of the games though personally don't love online battling), I think those 3 franchises still have a while longer on top. I think if any game can de throne these three, it's Donkey Kong, just because it combines some of the challenge elements from Zelda with the platforming of Mario. It's close to what nintendo fans know.

User Info: TriForceOmelet

3 years ago#3
Star Fox


Seriously, as much as I love Star Fox, I honestly can't say it's coming up on the same level as others you mentioned
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User Info: astutecollie

3 years ago#4
Lol huh? There is one good star fox game and its 1 hour long. At E3 they showed a tech demo that was thrown together by a few people, and they dont even have anyone to make the game yet! Huh what was that about on the rise?

User Info: BladeManEXE

3 years ago#5
I think Animal Crossing is the only one that's really rising as a series.

Fire Emblem was nearly canned as a series before Awakening's success. Uprising was the resurrection of the series. Star Fox hasn't had a truly new game in years, and we still may have more to wait before the next title.

I'd really use "resurrected" to describe most of those series rather than "rising." Until we see more new games improving on their predecessor's success, "rising" doesn't really fit well.
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