What is the best Zelda game?

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User Info: Dark_Abaddon

3 years ago#21
best of the 3D: Skyward Sword
best of the 2D: A Link Between Worlds
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User Info: brutalhits

3 years ago#22
Zelda 2 easily.. simply because the combat system is the most interesting fun and challenging.

User Info: BosSBaer

3 years ago#23
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User Info: IzanagiBlast

3 years ago#24
Best 3D: Twilight Princess
Best 2D (Topdown): ALBW
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User Info: jnblz316

3 years ago#25
In my honest opinion, Oracle of Seasons/Ages.
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User Info: HopeRemnant

3 years ago#26
OoT. Forever king

User Info: Flare7

3 years ago#27
Link to the Past is 3rd, almost 4th on this list... /faithinhumanity
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User Info: MarceloSampaio

3 years ago#28
Twilight Princess, the GC version.

Amazing game. ^^
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User Info: EarthViper

3 years ago#29
MarceloSampaio posted...
Twilight Princess, the GC version.

Amazing game. ^^

I'd have agreed with you a year ago, however I always viewed GC TP as only a hair better than GC WW. Now that WWHD has made the original obsolete and improved it in several ways I'm inclined to say WWHD is now, IMO, the best Zelda game out there.
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