Most underrated Nintendo console (excluding Wii U)?

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User Info: TheMisterManGuy

3 years ago#11
iKhanic posted...
TheMisterManGuy posted...
iKhanic posted...
JJH777 posted...
The wii definitely. It has tons of amazing first party and third party titles. It pretty much got hated on because it didn't make the leap to HD graphics.

Yep this.

How is the GC winning? I love the system to death, but it is hands down the most overrated on this list.

Tell me something. If the GC didn't exist and all of it's exclusive games were ported to XB, what would we lose as a consumer?

I really can't see how the GameCube can be the most underrated by this point. The system's reputation has greatly improved since the 2000s. Though I do think the N64 is the most overrated on the list, like I said, taking off the nostalgia goggles, it really wasn't that special, especially since outside the Wii U, it had the worst 3rd party support of any Nintendo system.

The N64 is a mixed bag. You are right about the 3rd Party support, but on the other hand it revolutionized gameplay with an architecture designed around 3D games, and a controller built for the analog stick.

True it was revolutionary in design. But had Nintendo not been so stubborn and misguided, the N64 could've been a much better system, and Nintendo wouldn't be in the situation they're in now.

User Info: SyCo_VeNoM

3 years ago#12
cris1ussen posted...
I don't think that "underrated" is the correct word for this question, i think "dislike" its better

I mean how the Wii could be underrated since it had a lot of support?, an underrated console is more like if nobody knows it existence, one example: Ouya

In any case i don't know which Nintendo console can be underrated, maybe the Virtual Boy?

LOL the Ouya
I once told someone I bought an Ouya they asked me why I wanted a board to speak to the dead... I was like that's an Ouija board. They seriously never heard of it... come to think of it I only know one person that heard of it before I mentioned it to him.
Side note the Ouya isn't underrated if anything its way over rated on what people claim it can do (I do own one)

IMO VB was under rated I found the games fun it had, and wish Nintendo would put them on 3ds VC. Do understand though why it was pulled as people like my cousin had a mild seizure, and returned it as it wasn't useable by them.

User Info: Terotrous

3 years ago#13
People overrate GC so much they even believe it is the most underrated, lol.

This is like saying Ocarina of Time is the most underrated game of all time. - My backloggery - My novel, updates weekly

User Info: Puckswack12

3 years ago#14
GameCube. I never understood why my friends never had one. Always thought they were missing out although it was mostly niche games.

User Info: _Five_

3 years ago#15
Easily GameCube.

It still receives a lot of undeserving hate. A lot of the people who "praise" the GameCube are not actually praising the system itself, but rather the Wii's backwards compatibility. As a result, the actual GameCube is easily the most underrated of those three systems.
Four TV's, four GameCube's, and four Game Boy Player's linked together:

User Info: TheMisterManGuy

3 years ago#16

User Info: blombycopter99

3 years ago#17
People voting for the most overrated console of all time in an "underrated" poll?

Zelda and Metroid were great but overall GC had like 12 games worth playing vs N64's 50 or so.

User Info: rockus

3 years ago#18
The Wii.

The N64 and GameCube both get a whole lot of praise now. As they should.

The Wii's great library is largely ignored outside of a handful of 1st party titles, mainly the two Mario Galaxy games.

User Info: Heracylost

3 years ago#19
The 64 is a pile of junk.
The Wii was so under powered it still laughable.

The Cube was a sweet spot. Very good system and games, undermined yet again by Nintendos stupidity. Mini disk dumb, could do 480p component, left to rot.

User Info: _Five_

3 years ago#20
People voting for the most overrated console of all time in an "underrated" poll?

Because in reality, GameCube is far from being the most overrated console. Most of the system's "praise" goes towards the Wii's backwards compatibility. The actual GameCube is therefore still one of the most underrated systems ever made.
Four TV's, four GameCube's, and four Game Boy Player's linked together:
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