Is there a level/ boss battle that you were happy to beat after a million tries?

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  3. Is there a level/ boss battle that you were happy to beat after a million tries?

User Info: ZebuFrenzy

2 years ago#1
It could be from any game on any console.

This level or boss was so difficult, it took you countless tries, possibly even days, weeks, or even months (who knows? Maybe even years!); but when you finally cleared that part of the game, it gave you such happiness and relief that you felt one big weight on your shoulders was lifted. You probably even told yourself that you would never go back to that part of the game (or that game entirely) again.

User Info: y000012500

2 years ago#2
Certain Guitar Hero/Rock Band songs come to mind. Nothing beats that feeling of rocking through a solo you failed 20 times. I'm gonna go with Highway Star, though it's happened on multiple songs.

And also from Birth By Sleep: Terranort, and Vanitas Lingering Spirit.

User Info: NapalmHeroWolf

2 years ago#3
Nimzo from Dragon Quest V, that game made me happy so many times, and after many level ups and attempts I made it (I began severely underlevelled)...

I-No from Guilty Gear XX # (PC)
err... in fact any final boss from fighting games I like (KOF, BB, Skullgirls, GG, Hinokakera)
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User Info: RPGMaster95

2 years ago#4
Never did finish Omega Weapon in FF8

Beating Emerald and Ruby in 7 was hella satisfying.
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User Info: NintendoLover25

2 years ago#5
The last level of Superman 64 was pretty imposing to me personally. It took me many weeks to successfully complete that level since it was long, hard, and dying once means starting over. I felt like a champion when I touched the wall that said "The End" and got the end credits.

User Info: Luigi4President

2 years ago#6
I recall having trouble on some Xenoblade bosses, but it wasn't too hard once I leveled up...
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User Info: CubeTV

2 years ago#7
Sonic 1's Labyrinith Zone on the GBA version. Was the first time I ever played Sonic 1 (didn't have the money to get other versions). I had no idea you were supposed to just stay alive! wtf. Guide dang it. lol

The Tower of The Gods boss in Zelda Wind Waker. I suck at it normally, but with a 5x Damage hack (huge game hacker here), it brought new life into the game and made me feel like I beat the game... Even though it was just starting to get to the good parts!
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User Info: Thirsty Monkey

Thirsty Monkey
2 years ago#8
I spent 7 hours one day trying to get FC One on Hard in GH3. Choked once 25 notes from the end (in a 2025 note song). Still took another 2 hours the next day to finally get it.
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User Info: CrystalKing5426

2 years ago#9
That monster in Dawn of Sorrow on the clock tower with the big-ass laser. Took me so many tries to beat for some reason, and I figured out how to dodge most of its attacks early on.
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User Info: ZeroxKnux

2 years ago#10
first boss in ninja gaiden black. Your barely getting to know the game and then they throw that at you. Great game that I wish I still had.
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  3. Is there a level/ boss battle that you were happy to beat after a million tries?

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