Do YOU think the Wii U gamepad is a "good" controller?

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User Info: sh0wnuf

3 years ago#1
Vs the Playstation or Xbox controllers, how does the Wii U gamepad stack up? - Results (197 votes)
Wii U gamepad is best
32.99% (65 votes)
Pretty much on par with the others
28.43% (56 votes)
Xbox/Playstation controllers are best
18.27% (36 votes)
Depends on the game...
20.3% (40 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I ask this because I see countless topics talking about one console's specs/power vs another, but for as long as I can remember, people (outside of gamefaqs) chose systems based on controller comfort...

Sure, exclusives play a big part in a system choice- but for a lot of mainstream gamers that play the 3rd party titles available across the board, they seem to care a lot more about controller feel than graphics/capabilities.

Now I know Nintendo's exclusives are the main draw on the system, and "third party" barely applies to them, but even if Nintendo got all third party titles would anyone actually look to get that title on a Wii U (assuming you had access to all three systems)?

My other reason for asking, is to see if the answers here legitimize the fact that third parties are skipping the Wii U. I know they've (third parties) pointed to hardware limitations, but they'd overlook that if the game actually sold well enough to legitimize the cost of porting, which I've been thinking could be more a product of controller than the system specs.

User Info: Mandrew257

3 years ago#2
No. Not even depend on the game. Just no.
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User Info: kissdadookie

3 years ago#3
It's not terrible... but it's not great either.

User Info: arvilino

3 years ago#4
Yes it's my favourite controller, it's great for both in-game and out of game features(like the browser). The only other in the running would be the Xbox controllers for how easy/convenient they are to use with PC though.

Though I think it was a bad choice to combined the PS and Xbox controllers in one option because they aren't exactly the same and you should have had an option for the WiiU pro-controller since some would like it for the massive battery life.
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User Info: random_man9119

3 years ago#5
Answering only your poll, yes... I much prefer the Gamepad to the PS/XBox controllers... I do like the Dualshock 4 a lot... But not as much as the Gamepad
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User Info: Kromlech06

3 years ago#6
It's got the best potential for exclusive play experiences.

Keyword potential.
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User Info: NintendoLover25

3 years ago#7
It's probably my second favorite controller for a home console, behind Wii Remote+Nunchuk (I love motion controls), since the screen enables off-TV play taking the system a bit closer to the convenience of a handheld.

Nevermind my comment, the thread is comparing it to other current controllers which I don't have. I didn't really read the topic and just posted based on the title.

User Info: BaronVladz

3 years ago#8
This gen my controller preference goes:

X1 > PS4 > Wii U

User Info: kissdadookie

3 years ago#9
Kromlech06 posted...
It's got the best potential for exclusive play experiences.

Keyword potential.

No it doesn't. You can replicated the second screen experience with a phone or tablet (done so very well in non-Wii U games, best example is the Dead Rising 3 second screen functionality, the app basically “calls” you and you pick it up like you would pick up a phone to hear a new mission being assigned to you). GamePad only play, it’s a negligible feature because the truth of the matter is that these days, majority of gamers are not having to fight over someone else for use of the TV screen the console is hooked up to (you can claim all you want how you have to this problem in your home, but the fact of the matter is that this is not an issue the MAJORITY of gamers have to deal with). So what does that leave us with? NFC? Yeah, I sure want Skylander features to infiltrate more of the games I play so that I can hoard a bunch of useless knick knacks.

So no, it doesn’t really have the potential for exclusive play experiences. The main reason it does not is that the design of the Wii U in and of itself is Nintendo cobbling together experiences which already exists and making the ancillary screen no longer optional but instead an obligatory pack-in with the console.

User Info: sh0wnuf

3 years ago#10
I wonder how many Wii U Gamepad votes would change if it was just about comfort... regardless, I have a pro controller which eliminates the gamepad's clunkiness for system play- but admittedly I've gotten used to the gamepad (based on necessity)
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