Miiverse is comedy gold

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User Info: LorenzoTheComic

2 years ago#21
^ Eww, the first two links from that post are going too far.
I like some obscure games.

User Info: Wii_Truth

2 years ago#22
your movie reggie..

User Info: Minamo

2 years ago#23
I want a hardware but i dunno if i should choose an software? whats better between?

User Info: Zerothma

2 years ago#24
The horsetank was freaking hilarious!
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"A delayed game is eventually good, while a bad game is bad forever."-Shigeru Miyamoto

User Info: ElectricMole

2 years ago#25
I love this thread
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User Info: InnerSolace

2 years ago#26
ZombiePelican posted...

This one reminds me of when I was little, and I actually did get lost in a Wal-Mart. I wandered off from my mother after hiding underneath all the clothes in the clothing section. She was pretty worried about me after that. I went up to one of the registers and told a young woman (one of the employees) what happened, and she helped me find my mother, by having the manager announce my mom's name in the store, telling her to go to one of the counters/registers.

ZombiePelican posted...

I don't know why, but this one cracked me up more than it probably should have.
Bravely Default is amazing!
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