Wii U Pro controller being discontinued?

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User Info: J_Applei

2 years ago#1
Today I went on a journey to find myself a Wii U Pro controller. Little did I know how long it would take me to actually find one.

I went to Best Buy thinking they would definitely have it because, well, they're Best Buy. But when I got there the rep told me that they were all out and "weren't expecting more shipments any time soon." I found this odd, but I didn't think much of it. Wal-Mart was just a few minutes away from Best Buy so I decided to check there. Same case: no Pro controller of either color. Then I went to GameStop thinking for sure they would have a few of them in stock, but once I got there they told me that they were also out of stock and that the closest store which carried one was over 70 miles (>1 hour drive) from where I live (and even then they were low on stock) so that was out of the question. By this time I was completely baffled. I finally decided to stop by my local Target which happened to be just across the street from GameStop. I walked over to the Electronics section and, to my dismay, they were also out of stock. I asked a rep why they didn't have any left and he told me, "we're discontinuing this item and won't be carrying it anymore." When I asked why, he couldn't give me an answer. But he did say they had a couple left in the back and he would bring one out for me, which he did. I finally have myself a Pro controller (albeit in white when I was hoping to get a black one to match with my console), but I'm still wondering why they're being discontinued, or at least low on stock everywhere I go.

tl;dr I went to multiple stores to buy a Pro controller, found one, but got told that they were being discontinued. Why are they being discontinued? If they're not being discontinued, why are they out of stock at seemingly every store? Is Nintendo producing these controllers at a slow rate? Have they been doing this since the controller's launch?
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User Info: burningxbridges

2 years ago#2
I heard they're discontinuing the white, no source on that though. I never have problems finding them in store, sounds like you were just unlucky.

User Info: BrianCraigSmith

2 years ago#3
Depends on where you live I suppose. I got a white Pro to match my white U. I'll get another Pro soon whether it's black or white.
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User Info: Lostsecret

2 years ago#4
I don't think it's being discontinued.

I think your target isn't going to sell them anymore because sales probably aren't very good.

Also, major bad luck with the pro controllers. It may be possible multiple stores are refusing to reorder them.

Bottom line though, they might be harder to find if a lot of retailers stop stocking them. But I don't think Nintendo is going to discontinue them.
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User Info: MisterSpliff

2 years ago#5
Nowhere where I live carries them anymore either. You will have to order online.

Surely they will restock before Bayonetta 2 hits, or a lot of people will be bummed.

User Info: luckybreak1

2 years ago#6
I think that might be because best buy was having a sale where the pro controller was $30. I tried to get one during that period and all the price matching stores were sold out. I've seen them in the past though.
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