How would you respond to the "Nintendo only makes games for kids" argument?

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User Info: KCJ5062

3 years ago#111
I'd like a see a kid complete extra mode on Kirby's Dreamland and Kirby's Adventure. As well as get 100% on Kirby's Dreamland 3.

Baha05 posted...
Lovely_Disaster posted...
I would agree. Because it's absolutely true. Nintendo's image is kid-friendly. Their main franchises are kid-friendly. If you want to feel insulted that people say Nintendo is kid-friendly when it's a fact then that's your problem. I don't view "kid-friendly" as an insult.

Kid friendly in that kind of use s insulting though, and besides they are more family friendly then kid friendly, kinda like Disney really, they all have something that any age can enjoy.

I think when people use terms like "kiddy" as a derogatory term is even more insulting. If people want to say that the game isn't their type or that it doesn't appeal to them, I can understand. But to call it "kiddy" just makes them sound like a child that wants to appear more grown up. The only things that even be considered "kiddy" as things that are literally geared towards kids ages 7 and under. Things like Dora The Explorer, Barney, Teletubbies etc.

User Info: troubledsleep

3 years ago#112
@ MisterManGuy

Lol, but it's been what, almost 2 years and this is all Nintendo has going for them besides some third party games that nobody is buying the Wii U for. Seems like they're stuck in a self-perpetuating rut, they're not selling as many consoles as they'd like to because there aren't enough exclusive games that would attract core gamers who tend to own and play on other platforms, and it's because of the lack of this install base they seem less willing to secure or finance exclusives other than the few that are already in long periods of development that would attract these core gamers despite having more than enough money to do so. That doesn't mean those games should be rushed to the market as conceptually incomplete products, but it's almost as if Nintendo entered next gen without a practical strategy other than Mario and Donkey Kong while thinking that it was going to pull another Wii.

I bought a Wii U just for XCX and Zelda, Mario games and the like may be fun for awhile on the surface but to me they end up being just simplistic and unsatisfying experiences. Hyrule Warriors might be cool for awhile, but in the end it's just another brawler. I hope at least eventually Nintendo will produce or finance some games, other than what's already been announced, that aren't intended for children or the casual crowd and don't shy away from mature content, which necessarily doesn't mean sex or ultra graphic violence in and of themselves because that isn't what's most lacking within most Wii U games but even just slightly complex themes. This is why all delusions aside, some people want Nintendo to go third party with their games and release them on other consoles: Why would anyone who isn't interested in the surplus of Mario or children oriented games want to buy a 200-300 dollar console for just a few games?

It's kinda funny how some Nintendo fans almost always use "mature" in a negative and derogatory way, there's nothing inherently wrong with colorful visuals, humorous or toned down games if they have depth to them although the latter is most generally not the case whatsoever, but when this is virtually all that's available it's another story. Even Wind Waker U had post it notes in that elder's shack specifically telling children that it was possible to play the game on the Wii U pad, but not hide their playing of the game from their parents. Is it really all that hard to deduce what went wrong and how to rectify it? I realize that plenty of people enjoy these types of games, and there's nothing wrong with that or people being satisfied with what's available as of now, but apparently that's not enough for either a lot of consumers or Nintendo themselves regardless of however happy you may be with these games.

Back even when I was a kid, although I never finished them given that I was pretty young (around 8 or so), I preferred stuff like Secret of Mana and Illusion of Gaia to games like Mario and Donkey Kong Country, had those been the only games available to me I probably wouldn't have even given gaming a second thought much later in life.

User Info: HermeticJustice

3 years ago#113
everything is designed to appeal to kids

it's called "indoctrination"
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User Info: Evilcrachitt

3 years ago#114
I'd hand them some Fire Emblem (not Awakening) and F-Zero games and see how far they'd get in those
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User Info: Rolanberry

3 years ago#116
*shoulder shrug*

"Kids like some pretty good games then"

User Info: Theguysayhi

3 years ago#117
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