Anyone Know What Game This Is?

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User Info: GodReborn

3 years ago#1
I recently saw a trailer for a game, but I can't remember the name of it. I'm pretty sure it's a wii-u eshop (digital-only) game, and it's been released. it's new, so it's not a vc or a remastered game. u play as a robot. the gameplay sorta resembled cave story with its retro atmosphere. I believe the health bar was similar to the way mega man/mega man x's was with its vertical strip. I'm sorry - I can't really remember more than that. if someone could tell me/knows the title of the game, I'd really appreciate it. thanks! :-)

User Info: BaronVladz

3 years ago#2
Mighty Number 9?

User Info: Evilcrachitt

3 years ago#3
BaronVladz posted...
Mighty Number 9?

No, he said it was released, but that does fit the general description
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User Info: MotiJr

3 years ago#4
Azure striker:gunvolt
from the makers of mega man zero I believe. It is a 3ds title though
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