Nintendo needs new IPs!

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(message deleted)

User Info: Snow-Dust

3 years ago#12
Expect a more western release of games from NOA? they are the ones who are strict with all the censoring and violence

User Info: DrRM

3 years ago#13
Thundering_TNT posted...
Came expecting trolling, was happy not to find it. I agree completely.

it is trolling, just not the one you were expecting :|
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User Info: omescythe

3 years ago#14
Wii_Truth posted...
omescythe posted...
when people talk about wanting Nintendo to have a new ip. they are talking about having a big new ip where there a lot of effort put into it to make it a big name. like with ubisoft people would be saying watch dogs is a new ip but won't necessarily be saying child of lights is a new ip. two new ips but the scale and popularity of them are different.

big budget=good?

Metroid: Other M is one of Nintendo's most expensive games, and we know how that turned out. Big budget and popularity don't always equate to quality. Take for example how stale the CoD series has became. I think there was a lot of effort put into Splatoon, but in a different direction. That game is oozing with originality and innovation. It takes effort to think outside the box like that.

budget not necessarily. big as in more of how Zelda is a big Nintendo game. kind of in the sense of public awareness. something that can easily rival any of Nintendo's big games.

with splatoon it seams kind of doubt filled but still a chance depending on how well Nintendo does end up handling it. if you had looked at splatoon without knowing Nintendo was making it would you have reasonable guess that Nintendo is the one making it?

User Info: sethcard

3 years ago#15
So you people liked the new ip Nintendo has been putting out the last few years? The last new Nintendo ip that I really liked and wanted more of was goldensun. While not all of the new ip of the last ten years was bad none of it made me want more.

I would rather Nintendo focus on making good game rather than new game, and their classic game have a much better track record than their new ip.
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