What game do you want to see come to Wii U/3ds Virtual Console?

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User Info: StarmanJunior64

3 years ago#11
The good games from past Nintendo systems. Not crap like Donkey Kong Jr. Math. Games that everybody loved, or that some people loved and OTHERS HAVEN'T PLAYED yet.

And not just Nintendo games, but other games. How about Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia? How about Robotrek? How about Dragon View?

N64 games! And GC games! I don't need them as I own these systems, but I know lots of people that don't!

How about Japanese or Euro only games. Terranigma, Mother 3, Fire Emblem...so many possibilities! So many great games that people have NEVER experienced. How about Virtual Boy games? Sure they might not be great, but people would buy them for the novelty alone.

How about Demos of games that never saw the light of day, just as a nod to nintendo fans? Star Fox 2, EarthBound 64, etc.

With slow releases coming from Nintendo's retail, I think VC could be their ace in the hole. They could have the greatest thing ever. Tons of games, and nods from their past, just to show Nintendo fans the good ol' days. The system's sales would tremendously improve, because it would show Nintendo really cares.

Instead we get Donkey Kong Jr. Math and Life Force. WHAT.
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User Info: Gencoil

3 years ago#12
- Rockman & Forte translated to english, i.e. Mega Man & Bass
- Thunder Force IV
- Contra Hard Corps
- Rocket Knight Adventures
- Gimmick!
- DKC 1-3

I'm sure I can think of dozens more but these are the ones that came to mind the quickest :)
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User Info: S_K_F

3 years ago#13
Wii U:

Kirby's Super Star Stacker
Fire Emblem 4-6
Mother 3
F-Zero Climax


Pokemon Trading Card Game
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge
Pokemon Pinball
Donkey Kong Land 1-3
Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge
Tetris (NES)
Mother 1
Final Fantasy 1-3
Dragon Quest 1-4
Metal Gear Solid (GBC)
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User Info: LorenzoTheComic

3 years ago#14
The Top Crusader posted...
I'd love the Super Famicom version of Rockman & Forte on the Wii U VC, but I fear we'd jut get the MM&B GBA version instead. It was okay, but the screen resolution was weird compared to the Super Famicom.
In addition, there's no option to press a single button to dash if you play as Bass, unlike the Megaman Zero series where you could do that.

*still hopes for Pocky & Rocky if those IP's can be licensed somehow*
I like some obscure games.

User Info: xnn3882

3 years ago#15
I would like these games on Wii U VC:

Journey to Silius
Deja Vu

Banjo Kazooie
Doneky Kong 64
Tetrisphere BEST Tertris game ever!
Mission Impossible
Operation WInback

But it will never happen

User Info: X_Ste_90_X

3 years ago#16
demesjos2 posted...
3DS GBA games is what I want. Most of the batteries are dead in my carts

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User Info: Spookyryu

3 years ago#17
I want wario land 4 and minish cap on the 3DS since I don't have an ambassador 3ds :(
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