Nintendo should NOT compete with Sony and M$

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User Info: ackkca

3 years ago#52
terranigma73 posted...
Let these other 2 platforms compete with each other on their race to only AAA trash games.
Nintendo should focus on it's strength, expand their studios significantly, revivie old Ips make new ips, try new genres, in a bid to have a more consistent flow of games rlsed for their systems, even without 3rd party support.
Also double down on indies to round off their release schedule. And ofc market their system and software more and better then they have been doing lately. Because for all the sh** I give 3rds here, Nintendo did go wrong in marketing themselves too.
Do all that, and they migth be able to entice some more old time Nintendo fans who went sour back to their systems, and at least consider it as a partner system alongside whichever platform they chose, be it a playstation, xbox or mobile device. Unique content is key here, and lots of it, with much variety.
That way they can prevent their system from being called Mario boxes.
Their handhelds have shown this to be true, even 3ds has more unique nintendo content and variety too, and its at 40 million install base, shoudl be plenty to make it healthy.

i agree with this,nintendo's biggest weakness is its lack of different games,unique content is needed and not just mario. Nintendo also seems stuck in the past not willing to embrace the future. we are moving away from one dedicated console and games are becoming available to more and more platforms. nintendo needs to start making their console the place for unique experiences more than the competition because right now as shown by sales they are not doing that. more studios, more games, more value to their hardware = win. also they really should have made like a sort of teenage phone device and made games for it, but thats too much looking forward i think for nintendo

User Info: The-Rory

3 years ago#53
retrogoods posted...
^ The idea for the NES back in 1985 was not to be called a video game. Their system designs are meant to be like toys,

This was a concious choice Nintendo made to distance themselves from "Video Games" which as a term had a toxic image with the public after the 1980's videogame crash

User Info: Jonaqq

3 years ago#54
i wish ubisoft would start making wii u exclusives that basically need the gamepad to work properly (meaning VERY unique controls) thus not working on other consoles.

i just wish nintendo wasn't a joke topic. i literally cannot find ANYONE who likes nintendo and isn't an annoying nerdy boy. seriously are there any normal acting and dressing people who like nintendo?

User Info: caryslan2

3 years ago#55
Hiten Mitsurugi S posted...
Sony and ms are blowing cash to ruin the market and appeal to dude bros, so even when they outsell Nintendo, they lose.

But call of duty kids can't fathom it, and either way, smash is going to put wii u far far ahead

Sony and Microsoft are ruining the market? That's a very funny joke.

But yeah, let's keep up the stupid stereotype that Sony and Microsoft are evil companies that want to take away the fun of video games and only have Call of Duty.

And yeah!!!! Mountain Dew Hyped Dude Bros are the only ones who play Playstation and Xbox Consoles! There is no way both consoles appeal to a wide audience and that is some of the reason why they are so successful.

Oh, and can't forget that both systems only have dull bronw FPS games. Because I must be imagining the various games of different genres everytime I visit the Playstation store.

User Info: demesjos2

3 years ago#56
Innovative and fun software define a consul's legacy. Nintendo keeps trying to capitalize on gimmicky hardware to attract non traditional consul buyers and that clearly isn't working now. People want tech that feels new and exciting and the tablet controller that massively drove up the costs of the system did not attract people. This time around the games are only appealing to Nintendo's existing fan base and the hardware is not growing that base. In fact after all the poor choices with it their fan base seems to be shrinking.
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