Are there any system benefits to having a 3ds and Wii U?

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User Info: sh0wnuf

2 years ago#1
Just wondering if there is some type of connectivity that takes place on some games or unlockable features when someone owns both?

I'm just starting to look into getting a portable system and wondering if the 3DS will compliment my Wii U or if it will be redundant (having only the same games available on each).

User Info: _Luiginator_

2 years ago#2
You can share Miis between them.

It's ****ing high technical.

User Info: sh0wnuf

2 years ago#3
LOL- not exactly what I was looking for. I remember the GBA and GC connectivity on a few games and being able to use the 3ds as a controller, so was thinking along those lines.

User Info: Spookyryu

2 years ago#4
not yet, but I think Smash will have some sort of compatibility

User Info: VannWC

2 years ago#5
Smash 3DS and Wii U can connect, but its still unknown exactly what it does.
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User Info: Evilcrachitt

2 years ago#6
You can add funds in one and it will be in the other
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User Info: Toozin

2 years ago#7
There's save sharing between Monster Hunter 3 versions, and SSB4 will have sime kind of connectivity (possiblu transfering common unlockables?) You can also have your NNID on both systems and share eshop currency between them.

Overall the intercinectivity is very bare bones right now.

User Info: CubeTV

2 years ago#8
Not really. And it's a bit annoying.

Got a SNES/GB? You can play your GB games on the TV.
Got a N64/GBC? You can transfer your Pokemon to the Stadium games and even play your Pokemon games on the TV. Also transfer Mario Golf/Tennis character content.
Got a GCN/GBA? There's too many things to list that can be done.
Got a Wii/DS? You can send DS Demo to your DS from the Wii or transfer Pokemon.

With the 3DS having demos (and actually getting them consistently) and actually getting Mario Golf/Tennis instead of the late Wii U Tech Demo (Wii Sports Club), that's out.

I'm hoping there will be cross-buy with NES//SNES/GBC/GG games in the future but still have it to where you have to own the other system and a synced in NNID for it to work and a inventable 3DS Player like the SNES/GCN had for games. Otherwise, I feel like there's pretty much no reason to own both (mainly the Wii U can be left out/forgotten).
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User Info: MAZZIVEdamage

2 years ago#9
I think's there like 1 game that's actually cross-buy.

User Info: wingo84

2 years ago#10
Didn't monster hunter allow you to play multiplayer with 3DS + wii U?
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