How do you feel about third party games?

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User Info: Wereshovel

2 years ago#41
"nntendo fans dont buy 3rd party they like 1st" - people on the internet
Please understand.

User Info: -StarCraft

2 years ago#42
OMEGA RUGAL posted...
DeathSoul2000 posted...
l like 3rd party. l play 3rd party. Just not on Nintendo systems, because why would l bother?

My theory is that that one of the main reasons third party games don't sell on Nintendo systems is because gamers who play all games buy third party games on other systems instead.

So it's not that Nintendo gamers don't like third party games, it's more like they been trained to understand they need another system be it a primary or secondary system to play these third party games. So when a few third party games actually get released on a Nintendo system, it doesnt matter anymore since that Nintendo console owner already preordered that game for his/her playstion, x-box, or pc. That game ... and a bunch others that were not announced for Wii U.

No. The reason third party games don't sell well on Nintendo systems is because a combination of hardware and missing features of most third party games released on the Wii U.

Why would anyone pay for a inferior version of the game at a much higher price, when you can buy a superior version of the game at a much lower price on other systems.

If Nintendo hypothetically were to release a console that match their competitors in both hardware, support and price and was marketed well to consumers. I believe the general public would support the product and the sales would show it.

You would have a console that is graphically and functionally on par with the competition, able to run third party games equally as well as the other consoles and a console of quality first party titles to go along with it.

The only deciding factor between the 3 major consoles (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) would than be the exclusives if all three systems were equally on par with each other.
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