ravio yuga and hilda in hyrule warriors

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User Info: hydrocrush

3 years ago#1
how would you react to a dlc adding ravio yuga and hilda as well as a lorule stage to hyrule warriors

ravio fights with a big sack of cash

yuga uses his paintbrush staff

hilda uses her triforce staff

also we might see a zelda u DLC with new characters in the future
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User Info: Pitaya

3 years ago#2
Well this was a misleading topic title.
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User Info: R_Hunter

3 years ago#3
I'd enjoy it. But if they do that, I better see reps from Link's Awakening, the Oracles, and Minish Cap.

Maybe LTTP too, but that Link is the same one from LA and the Oracles.

Spirit Tracks, maybe?
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