What Do You Think Nintendo Should Do for Their Next Console?

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User Info: iKhanic

3 years ago#51
"Well, they sure don't make evil immortal sorcerers like they used to." - Klarion the Witch Boy

User Info: Xechs

3 years ago#52
Really i think nintendo should make steam or origin type of service. The main goal is to put up japanese games on PC/devices. Looking at steam/pc the reason I still own consoles are for the unique console exclusive games usually from japan companies not on their stores. Nintendo can put some of their older stuff on this service and maybe some simultaneous releases but still put the big stuff on their own console. Also make it easy for Jpanaese console games to be ported to the service.

The thing is to make a service where they can introduce PC gaming to the japanese and get some of japans talented indie devs a world stage. You always see greenlight of visual/graphic novel type games, maybe release more since DS/3DS have been good for visual novel type fans. DS and 3DS had lots of unique 3rd party games, try to build 3rd party support through unique experiences instead of just ports. Will add value to service.
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User Info: gabzjmm23

3 years ago#53
it needs to be atleast as powerful of what Sony or MS would put. and able to get 3rd party support from the main ones - like from EA, etc. if they have a powerful enough console that would push EA, Activision develop games on that new console for Nintendo, it would help sales. plus added the Mario, and other staple Nintendo characters. that would be awesome.

it means that consumers can say they would pick a Nintendo console as their primary console.

User Info: DetroitLolcat

3 years ago#54
Either try to replicate the Wii and go low-power, high-quality games or just compete with Sony/Microsoft in the powerful/expensive hardware category.
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User Info: AngryBlueOrange

3 years ago#55
backwards compatible with Wii U but have a smaller screen on the controller. Keep the GamePad for the Nintendo 7 with the same button types but make the L and R lower and/or better
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