Wind Waker or DK Tropical Freeze

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User Info: NeoBowser

3 years ago#11
Donkey Kong. You can also get the original Wind Waker along.
Birdo all the way

User Info: NeoBowser

3 years ago#12
*You could

not with this game offcourse but I mean on the GameCube if you own one.
Birdo all the way

User Info: Shad0wg00n

3 years ago#13
Wind Waker if you haven't gotten it already., easy.
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User Info: Dark_Link92

3 years ago#14
Tropical Freeze is better for me, but it's definitely a matter of opinions and taste. Did you like other Zeldas? Are you good at platformers? They should be the main questions that influence your decision.
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User Info: DeathVelvien

3 years ago#15
Both are stellar. Just depends on what you're more in the mood for, honestly.
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User Info: Rasputin77

3 years ago#16
Snow-Dust posted...
You never played ww? Play that first, otherwise go with tf

^ Right on. WW > TF.

manmouse posted...
Muddy_Ape posted...
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Another alt account. Whose is it?

why on earth would someone make an alt-account for a question like this?
trolling looks a lot different than asking, "this game or that?"

it's like if i made an alt account and went to the PS4 board and made a topic saying, "what kind of TV do you play on?"
HAHA! that'd get them good, they'd never expect a troll topic like that!

Shhhhhh... you're making too much sense. Let them dwell in the ridiculousness of their Pavlovian defense mechanisms (in this case, clearly fired prematurely)... "Herp! If it's a new account, it's an alt! Derp!"... it's so cute. ;)
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User Info: NintendoLover25

3 years ago#17
I prefer Tropical Freeze since 2D Platformer is my favorite genre. I also like TF the most out of any DK game, while WW is not my favorite Zelda (which goes to ALBW).

User Info: RambiRunner

3 years ago#18
Donkey Kong.
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