Why do nintendo fans advertise their games for them?

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User Info: Baha05

2 years ago#51
king_madden posted...
but again not to this extent. which is the whole point here. you rarely ever see that with any other company/dev. to be honest ive never seen it from an indie game either outside of a kickstarter. whether or not it matters isnt the point. this is a video game forum, its not like any thread here is of the utmost importance, its still a valid post that fans are doing this while nintendo continues to refuse to properly advertise games.

There was no real clear point here, it's a Murderstorm topic. Point being Word of Mouth is a thing. It should end at that because no matter what there are people that advertise games to other people despite not working for the company. You are trying too damn hard to have a point and it falls a bit flat to the original question anyhow.

User Info: Avirosb

2 years ago#52
Murderstorm117 posted...
I don't understand the logic if nintendo doesn't bother to promote their games why should you? I imagine some of these people going door to door asking 'Have you accepted nintendo into your heart?'
I'm sure you do, Murderstorm, I'm sure you can think of little else.
Console wars are like pissing contests. So yeah.
(message deleted)

User Info: PS4Warrior

2 years ago#54
Baha05 posted...
Topic should have obviously ended at "Word of Mouth" It's just what a lot of people in gaming do is they spread the word to friends, family, co-workers, etc

There's a difference between word of mouth and creating a whole campaign for everyone to market the game. One is telling people you know about the game, and the other is assuming the company funding the game you want to buy isn't able to market it themselves.

User Info: Nemerlight

2 years ago#55
Well someone has to do it.
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User Info: n00bsaib0t

2 years ago#56
Schwepps01 posted...
n00bsaib0t posted...
No one would say it if kids like you would just stay on your side of the fence. Sony forums are that way ->

You can't even have a decent conversation without resorting to calling the person talking to you a "kid" and telling him to "stay on his side of the fence" as if anybody over the age of 14 cares about "console wars." Or thinks that you can only be on the board for the consoles you like, as if only fans of the console are allowed on the board. Who's the real kid here?

You're absolutely right. Everyone should be allowed to troll whatever forum they want.
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User Info: PS4Warrior

2 years ago#58
GeorgeSearsR4S posted...
How can you block idiots like PS4Warrior. He is just annoying..?

Calm down fanboy.

User Info: FalxXD

2 years ago#59
DiscostewSM posted...
Nintendo fans advertise Nintendo on Nintendo boards.
Sony fans advertise Sony on Sony boards
Microsoft fans advertise Microsoft on Microsoft boards.

Sony fans will advertise on xbone boards, Xbone fans will advertise on Sony boards...

Nintendo fans will advertise to actual RL friends...
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User Info: GeorgeSearsR4S

2 years ago#60
PS4Warrior posted...
GeorgeSearsR4S posted...
How can you block idiots like PS4Warrior. He is just annoying..?

Calm down fanboy.

Well another reason so how do I block you....?
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