I'm curious, did you buy the WiiU new or used?

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User Info: andizzle29662

3 years ago#1
Did you purchase the WiiU new or used - Results (127 votes)
81.1% (103 votes)
4.72% (6 votes)
Don't own one yet
14.17% (18 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I'm just curious. I'm a long time hardcore Nintendo fan, and have always bought their systems since the NES. I always buy my electronics new, because I'm picky and don't like scratches or defects with my systems. I also love opening the box lol. I bought the deluxe set on launch day, and love the WiiU since that day. I always feel that when a good product or game comes out, i like to support them by buying it new.
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User Info: Megamushroom666

3 years ago#2
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User Info: segagamer

3 years ago#3
New but only because I got it for my birthday.

My Xbox One though, I bought used since that was my own money (and not a birthday)
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User Info: biggy204

3 years ago#4
I got mine New, although I originally wanted to buy a Zelda Wii U used for $200 + 5 retail games with it through craigslist but by payday the guy already sold it. So ended up with buying a new Wii U instead.
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Final Fantasy2389 3 years ago#5
New. Preordered.
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User Info: princedarkshadw

3 years ago#6
New Zelda WW edition.
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User Info: Muddy_Ape

3 years ago#7
New on launch day.
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User Info: Kilp45

3 years ago#8
I got a GameStop Premium Refurbished one which was $40 cheaper than buying an actual new one.
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User Info: FayeLady

3 years ago#9
Used, but it was ten days after launch.
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User Info: Pink_a_Dink

3 years ago#10
New. I alwaaaaaaays say, never buy a video game system used or refurbished.
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