Why people hated Mario sunshine so much?

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User Info: HomrSampson

2 years ago#1
Compared to other 3d Mario games this one gets easily the most hate

User Info: tfrules

2 years ago#2
It is the most flawed.

User Info: Avirosb

2 years ago#3
My guesses are:

- A lack of environmental variety.
- Some of the "bonus levels", the pachinko one especially.
- The rather odd narrative
- Camera sometimes reverts to default by itself, making some chapters a pain.

I still liked it tho.
Console wars are like pissing contests. So yeah.

User Info: Toozin

2 years ago#4
- Downgraded freedom of choice from Super Mario 64. In SM64 you could get any 70 stars you liked, in SMS you were forced to get the Shadow Mario shines in each stage, and any extra shines you got were useless outside of 100%.

- Spraying random spots on the map to find blue coins was a frustrating chore.

- Having FLUDD took away a lot of the fun of platforming, since you could just hover and rocket everywhere.

- Entirely too much story, not to mention the creepy undertones ("I'm your... momma?")

Those are my major beefs, anyway.
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  3. Why people hated Mario sunshine so much?

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