I still think it would have been better if nintendo wholly bought Rare...

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User Info: Eoin

2 years ago#31
Nintendo owned 49% of Rare. Microsoft bought Rare for US$375m. US$183.75 of that went to Nintendo.

That amount of money, in 2002, should have been worth more to Nintendo than all of Rare. It could - and should - have been used to found half a dozen small, Nintendo-owned studios across the world. It would have been more than enough for that.

I never understand people who think that Nintendo should have bought Rare. That would have required them to outbid Microsoft. They'd have had to have valued Rare at US$400m+ or so, and that'd mean paying US$202m+ for the remaining 51%. What would Nintendo have gotten for that? Well, look at what they got from Rare on GameCube and GBA: some half-decent games that aren't particularly special.

That's what Rare would have provided to Nintendo: very few games, and nothing worth the cost of retaining them.

Tadamoto6 posted...
And nintendo can't get enough games out because they lack third party support

Let's look at Rare's output in the past few years:

Kinect Sports
Kinect Sports: Season Two
Kinect Sports Rivals

That's everything they've released since 2008. Over half a decade spent making camera-based knockoffs of something Nintendo already had.

Tadamoto6 posted...
refuse to expand by buying acquisitions (capcom)

Nintendo don't want to buy Capcom because Nintendo aren't monumentally incompetent. The very last thing that Nintendo needs to do is spend obscene amounts of money buying a large publisher. I have explained this in more detail in this post: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/631516-wii-u/69473341/787215985#3

Tadamoto6 posted...
Like it's impossible for nintendo to train new staff.

I'm unsure how you think it makes sense to throw around hundreds of millions of dollars to buy a company and then need to train new staff for them. If Nintendo were going to hire and train lots of new staff outside of Japan, why would they want to spend maybe US$200m just so those new staff could work under the Rare name? Wouldn't it make more sense for Nintendo to instead get US$183.75m, and then train new staff?

User Info: Bahamut_10th

2 years ago#32
Spider5800 posted...
(remember, this was the original Xbox days, when Microsoft was throwing money at everything that moved and was flush with cash pre-Apple explosion)

They still throw money at everything. Gaming media favoritism and coverage, exclusivity, deal that screw the competitor's console library or reception, celebrities and tv series/film showing off their brand, paying employees to hijack the competitor's events, etc.
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  3. I still think it would have been better if nintendo wholly bought Rare...

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