Quick, pointless rant about Trauma Center: Second Opinion (spoilers?)

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  3. Quick, pointless rant about Trauma Center: Second Opinion (spoilers?)

User Info: RatheV

3 years ago#1
Love this game, for the most part. Got it used at gamestop for 3 bucks. Great deal, really.

But the last mission of chapter 5 (the point where the DS game ended, I think) is really frustrating.

So you're fighting this strain of the GUILT virus known as Savato, and towards the end, it starts really making a mess of things. The story automatically makes you use your healing touch, which is basically a once-per-surgery medical bullet-time that slows down time for you.

So now in slow-mo, you try to inject this virus that's scurrying about (viruses scurry in this game) with the antidote that'll kill it, but it still doesn't work. And then the patient dies, and you lose. As a sidenote, it amuses me that the game over screen always tells you that you have no place treating patients, even though you're one of the best surgeons in the world, one of the few with the healing touch ability, and able to use your surgical skills on turbulent planes, or to defuse bombs.... whatever.

So look. You try again, and spend nearly 10 minutes getting back to this point. What are you supposed to do after the healing touch activates? If you said 'use the healing touch, your single-use ability again so that time literally comes to a complete halt' congratulations on having taken the same dosage of morphine that whoever came up with this nonsense did. For any of you that played other M and remember the whole power bomb crap, this is basically that.

Trauma Center, you're a great, weird action sort of game. But please never try to be a puzzle again.

User Info: RatheV

3 years ago#2
Do the other games focus on GUILT or similar infections as much? As much as I like them, as I do the bonus chapters, I can't help but feel the game relies too heavily on them.

User Info: NapalmHeroWolf

3 years ago#3
I figured it out the first time really.... and the DS one doesn't end there... there is another chapter where you basically fight all of the GUILTs again (not the X operations, those come later) in order to save some children used as incubators for GUILT: "The Sinners"
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User Info: kuragari1anonly

3 years ago#4
It took me getting frustrated and trying to do the healing touch over the automatic one to figure that out. It was pretty wtf
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User Info: DeathSoul2000

3 years ago#6
l will say the games after SO focus much less the "crazy virus" aspect. Well NB still has them, but not nearly as often, and TT does away with them altogether, and instead focuses on a fictional version of a real disease, though that is late game.
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