What is the best wii U game to play while in bed?

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User Info: AShockCipher

2 years ago#11
I like to play the occasional Swords and Soldiers skirmish, nice, simple touchpad controls.
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User Info: selfdeztruction

2 years ago#12
BLOPS 2, GHOSTS (motechuckin on both in bed), wwhd, sm3dw and MH3U.
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User Info: TullyBlanchard

2 years ago#13
In bed, i like to either play pocket pool or hide the salami - depends if anyone's around.
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User Info: Aguacaton

2 years ago#14
deus ex human revolution
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User Info: Project Mayhem

Project Mayhem
2 years ago#15
Wrestle the eel and you don't even need a Wii U for it.
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User Info: Spookyryu

2 years ago#16
Legend053180 posted...
I play all of my U games in bed. But I'll say Pikmin 3 because I actually like the touchpad controls.

I agree

User Info: Dash_Dash88

2 years ago#17
Just the tip.
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User Info: partajeesus

2 years ago#18
Nano assault neo with headphones. Crank up the volume and start shooting. It's cheap, plays great and looks awesome.

User Info: plasmawisp1713

2 years ago#19
I play Mario Kart on the couch with the Gamepad, so same idea. The only Wii U game I've played in bed is Metroid Fusion. I guess I also watch Plex in bed (I usually just stream Simpsons or something to get to sleep).

I typically like playing my 3DS in bed more than my Wii U.
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User Info: Blade_Kirby

2 years ago#20
crocodileman94 posted...
The 9-volt game in Game & Wario

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