I wish Nintendo would stop having these special Nintendo Directs.

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  3. I wish Nintendo would stop having these special Nintendo Directs.

User Info: Pink_a_Dink

3 years ago#11
S_K_F posted...
NCPwn posted...
To be honest, they dont' have much to show right now.

Smash is their prized heifer right now.

Info on Bayonetta 2
Info + release date for Captain Toad
Info + release date for SSB Wii U
Details on Gamecube controller bundle
Announcement of limited edition SSB 3DS XL for NA
Talk about free soundtrack deal on Club Nintendo
Conformation that the gamecube controller adaptor works with games in Wii mode/on VC
English version of the 5 minute SSB trailer Japan got
Reveal cars/tracks/whatever from Mario Kart 8 DLC
Announcement of New 3DS/New 3DS XL
Announcement of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
Announcement of Ultimate NES Remix
More info on Yoshi's Wooly World
More info on Kirby & the Rainbow Curse
More info on Mario Party 10
More info on Code Name: Steam
More info on Star Fox
More info on Wii U Zelda
Conformation that SMT X Fire Emblem still exists
Talk about the 3DS update that's adding themes to the main menu

Seriously, they could EASILY do a general direct right now, without even using all of this.

Point is why the hell don't they just do one long direct with all this information in it?
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User Info: supergamerbret

3 years ago#12
This makes no sense.

It's smart to do this.
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User Info: bigjnyc

3 years ago#13
The reason that they don't do all that because I don't think they have solid dates for any of that. So yes they may working of these things but they are not don't have dates and it makes no sense to announce TBA to me.
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User Info: Sandslashed

3 years ago#14
I think they should have both directs and conferences. Directs to highlight upcoming first party games and conferences to highlight multiple game announcements first party and third party.
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  3. I wish Nintendo would stop having these special Nintendo Directs.

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