If sometime in the future, Nintendo whips out the first 4K gaming console

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User Info: Street_Overlord

2 years ago#1
And they manage to stay ahead of the curve and have better or equal specs to the in-coming Sony and Microsoft consoles, or for that matter be the first and only 4K console and leave Sony and Microsoft eating their dust, what would be everybody's reaction?

User Info: Truth_Bomb

2 years ago#2
Microsoft and Sony probably won't be in the console business by that point.
Duh, winning!

User Info: John_Magnum

2 years ago#3
what if sometime in the future EA buys Nintendo and has them make free-to-play web browser games

User Info: Griff6260

2 years ago#4
Nintendo won't have any interest in 4K for quite a while. The install base is way too low still. 1080p is gonna be good enough for at least another generation.
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User Info: Street_Overlord

2 years ago#5
@ Griff6260

I am well aware of that, which is why I said "sometime in the future"

4K is scheduled for full scale TV broadcasts in 2020

User Info: Granadico_

2 years ago#6
Street_Overlord posted...
4K is scheduled for full scale TV broadcasts in 2020

Says who? TV doesn't even output at 1080p, its mainly 720p or 1080i.

User Info: Solis

2 years ago#7
Considering that the Xbox One and PS4 should be capable of being updated to allow for 4K output through a simple firmware patch, it would be difficult to imagine how Nintendo could ever have the "only" 4K console (even the PS3 was supposed to receive an update to allow for 4K). Heck, just look at what happened when Sony hyped up the 1080p output of the PS3: Microsoft released a firmware update for the Xbox 360 that allowed for 1080p on it before the PS3 was even released.
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User Info: HeroC114

2 years ago#8
Kind of off topic. If anyone has a 4K TV and Netflix I suggest watching a program called Moving Art: Forests(or something like that).

I was not under the influence of any psychedelic drugs, but the whole thing was just serene and beautiful to watch as video was shot in 4K and sped up to show the beauty of nature. It was amazing.

Anyhow, I can't wait to see games in 4k being the standard. The textures and things to fit them though would have to be monstrous in file size, unless you have some amazing compression algorithms.

Nintendo really isn't the company that would bring this out first, but to see Hyrule in 4K would be a dream come true.
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User Info: SuperNeonManGuy

2 years ago#9
iirc all wii us shipped with a 4k capable hdmi cable, not that the system supports it for games, just for things like video playback?
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User Info: n00bsaib0t

2 years ago#10
4K is the same as "super HD" right? Someone test with Netflix if WiiU can indeed do the output, even if it doesn't have the raw power to do it with games.

And since Sony and Microsoft love to release underpowered PC's as consoles and Nintendo has rarely had the most powerful console on the market, I'm gonna guess we get one more gen of 1080p before the jump to 4K.

Oh and someone brought up the 4K instal rate. I happen to remember back in 2005 people were pissed when the rumors started that you needed an HDTV to play PS3. When it was found that they came with the A/V cables and HDMI was optional, the hate died down. HDTVs weren't a household item back then and they still went for it. If a company wants to do HD, they will. Hell, the launch 360 models don't even have HDMI ports. That's how rare it was for someone to own an HDTV back then.
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